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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Happy Birthday To Me

I'm 40 today. Right now. 40. I have prepared myself, mentally, for the big 4 - 0 for two years now. 40. It's been in the back of mind, but here, today, it is up front, in my brain.

As I walked downstairs this morning, completely forgetting that it way my birthday, there was Troy, my 8 year old, sitting in the chair. "Happy Birthday, Mom" he said. Wow, that was awesome. He remembered! Thanks Troy.

Hubby left a card and a certificate to have my car detailed. Yeah!

I just realized that theses Blogs are free and easy to use. I will begin to track my thoughts, my crazy running schedules and my BFL food and workouts here. Not to mention my rantings.

40. Yup. 40.

We are having crazy weather in MN. 39 degrees and it is raining outside. It was quite slippery when I went grocery shopping. As I was shopping for brown rice I realize I was 40 and down the tears came. What is with that? Why so much sadness? I'm happily married (20 years) have two great boys, I am healthy and strong. So why is 40 making me so sad?

OK, enough of the 40. I tried to get on the weather and came back to 40.

I and Topaz, my wonderful Border Collie, just came back from running on the trail. Did 5 miles in the sloppy rain. It's making the snow all slushy and turning to an icy mess. I feel better now though. Not quite as sad!!

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