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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Leanness Lifestyle

I've been reading the book, Leanness Lifestyle by David Greenwalt. I'm totally consumed by it. It is a very detailed program with step by step coaching. Get this. I had a 'tele-conference' with Dave and 3 other women that are learning the program and the tools the program offers. We actually spoke with Dave, via the telephone. I was pretty impressed.

Maggie Wang suggested looking at this program to me, and so far, I can see why. I love the details. I love being accountable to someone else, I love the structure.

I've applied to David's "Bootcamp Intensive" it is a five week program, then three weeks off, and five weeks on. The details are at www.leannesslifestyle.com It looks very intriguing to me, I haven't heard yet if I have been accepted.

Yesterday's run with the run club was awesome. There were only 4 of us. We ran the 5 miles in 38:23 or so. The fastest I think I have ever run. They ALL passed me in the final block; what a bummer. I had nothing left to give. I did my best, but was still ticked off that I cared that I was last.

Had a great weight workout yesterday too. Worked Chest/Shoulders:
Flat barbell chest: 95x4x2; 95x5x1
Dumbell flat chest: 40x5x2; 40x3x1
Chest incline machine: 50x6x1, 50x5x2
Military seated barbell press: 50x6x1, 50x5x2
DB press: 25x2x1; 20x6x2
BB shrug: 50x10x2
BB upright row: 50x2x1; 40x10x2
DB back delt sitting: 20x5x2

Today I ran 25 minutes HIIT for 3.81 miles and will be lifting Bicep/Tricep over lunch.

Need to pack up today for the weekend up to the frozen tundra tomorrow!

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