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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Lotza Latte

It has come to my attention that I have never once, never ever ever, tracked my Large Caribou Skinny Latte. Imagine That. I have at least 2 .. sometimes 4 .. a week. I have never thought of tracking coffee. Of course there is skim milk in there, but still..it's coffee.

Until today. As I was driving back to work, it hit me. DUH! This has calories and is NOT on the plan today. Then I realized I have never counted it as I have never looked it up.

Once back to the office I went to Caribou dot com and found 159 calories/21 carbs in my beloved afternoon drink. My morning 2 cups of coffee at home, are black.

Phft. I added it to my daily totals.

Calories: 1645..thanks a lot Caribou; 43% Carb, 43% Protein, 14% fat

Exercise: 21 minutes HIIT: 2.51 miles
43 minutes on trail: 5 miles

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