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Saturday, January 22, 2005


Of all weekends for the snow to come, why this weekend? Why last night?

I've been excited for the snowshoe marathon all winter long. We had no snow to train on but there was plenty in Duluth for the race.

Yesterday we began to get our snow..and snow..and snow. Today there is 13" of the white powdery stuff out there.

I left the house this morning at 4 AM, hoping the roads would be plowed and just fine. They weren't. The County Roads haven't been touched, the wind is whipping, the snow if flying, the roads are impassable.

I drove 45 minutes and turned around and came home. Defeated by the roads. I'm a chicken driver anyway.

I totalled out a car when I was due to have Tyler in two weeks. I was drving to fast into work one day and lost control on ice. It was horrible. I ended up in the ditch, rolling over, then upside down. Frightful.

I'm so sad to miss the race..I tried..I couldn't drive in those conditions.

The positives..I and Topaz will hit the trail ourselves..it won't be 26 miles but I'll at least get in 10. I'll be able to watch Troy's basketball game at 11:30 too.

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