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Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Week In Review

I just completed week 2 of Challenge 2.

My nutrition: average calories per day: 1376. I had a high day of 1675, not a free day, just more clean food. I wanted to zig zag a bit to see what happened.

Weekly average breakdown: Carbs: 38% (124 grams) Protein: 45% (151 grams) Fat: 18% 24 grams. Not bad.

I didn't have a free day or a free meal. I did have 1 cup of buttered microwave popcorn. Very salty, very greasey and just what I wanted! The day after the popcorn the scale was 5...yes 5 pounds heavier! Then it went back down. The salt retained a lot of water!

Exercise: lifted 3 x this week; 154 minutes
Ran: HIIT 3x for 60 minutes total, 8.11 miles
Other miles: Road-10 miles, trail: 38 miles
Total running: 56.11 miles

I lost one pound this week. I began at 148; today weigh 144. Great progress for me!

Today is damn cold. Ran 10 miles in -30F. It sucked. My hands were cold, I didn't want to go to the bathroom because my butt was frozen. I wore tights, baggy tights and wind pants. Ass still froze. Topaz was fine, but after 10 I bagged it. Came home and ran 5 on the treadmill. That was just fine!

Next Saturday is the snowshoe marathon. I haven't been on snowshoes once this winter as we have like one inch of snow. The marathon is in Duluth were apparently they have 3' of snow. Ought to be interesting.

I'll take this next week pretty easy before the marathon. It is like an ultra, in that it takes over 6 hours to complete. All up and down, trail, and 3' of snow in snowshoes. Mega fun.

I'll run 5 with the run club on Wednesday, will do my HIIT and weight workouts. Maybe some light jogging in neighborhood so Topaz can stretch his legs.

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