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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Weekend Plans

A few weeks ago I and a bunch of my ultra running buddies met in Southern MN for some trail running on the river bluffs. We ran for 4 hours and just had a delightful time. We took it slow, chatted, had a blast.

During our run we were talking about future races, what our plans for 2005 were. Don is running the Susitna 100; a 100 mile race in Alaska, so is Pierre. They were talking about getting some hours on the ice. I told them that we have a cabin on Lake Vermilion-in Northern MN and that I'd like to invite everyone up.

Fast forward a few weeks and all is set for this Friday. 8 of us are going to go the the lake. We'll have to snow shoe in, there is no road, and of course the lake is frozen now. We'll have to sled our food, water, supplies. We'll have electricity and lots of heat from the wood stove. We'll ice fish, sauna, get LOADS of snow shoe running in. I'm SO looking foward to it.

The cool thing is that I have always wanted a group of people with similiar likes as mine, to hang out with. I have finally found those people. Before I quit drinking I 'd get together for a weekend of drinking and feel like crap for the next week, and feel guilty and wish I hadn't said or did what I had done. 8 years ago, when I quit drinking and began to run I couldn't find any people that I wanted to hang out with. I couldn't find any runners, felt like I didn't have any friends. This group of people I all met online 3 years ago. Isn't that crazy? They have become my best friends, the group of people I like to hang out with, the group of people that my family enjoys. This is a group of people who have a passion for the outdoors and love to run. I'm so excited! We'll have SO much fun!

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