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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Bootcamp Begins

Today is the beginning of Bootcamp Intensive I through Leanness Lifestyle. There are 43 members participating; because of the large group we are going to be divided in 3 groups. It was our decision to be divided. Coach Dave didn't decide this for us. He asked if we were up to it, then suggested we each put into the 'pot' $20 and the winning Team Members will each receive a voucher to spend 2 nights hotel and airfare to Las Vegas or Orlanda. The whole team! He'll pick up the rest of the $. Another good leverage tool! We will be divided evenly as to body mass. I don't know which team I'm on yet.

So, for goal setting: To lose 17 pounds in 16 weeks. 5 weeks intensive bootcamp, 3 weeks off, 5 weeks on, 3 weeks off. That's the deal.

For week 1: Calorie Average per Day: 1425, 504 exercise minutes per week. I'll be zig-zagging with a low of 1283/high of 1781 where I'll have my planned splurge meal.

I have always HATED figuring out the numbers. I HATE math. I am now changing that. In 9th grade I failed pre algebra and decided then and there I hated math. It has haunted me since. In my finances (use a checkbook...NOT ME!), in my calculations for weight goals and everywhere else that math is necessary. I am changing those feelings NOW. I will look at my finances weekly (can't begin daily right from the get go!) and will look at my numbers for macros, calories, minutes exercising daily.

Today: Running with run club; 5 miles, 40 minutes. Lifting biceps and triceps: 40 minutes.

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