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Friday, February 04, 2005

Breaking Records

It has been so beautiful outside! Yesterday it was 51 F ! Yes, in Minnesota. We are breaking records and last year it was 11F. Yahoo.

I and Topaz went out for a 10 mile run after work yesterday. It was weird because I still had to wear my snowshoes but I was able to wear shorts and a short sleeved shirt. That is the first time I have ever worn shorts on snowshoes!

Today it is 52F, we'll be out for another run.

I realized today that my morning treadmill run is like my cup of coffee. It is something that I now do every day without thinking about.

When I first began BFL and realized that I'd have to run 20 minutes HIIT 3x a week I was kind of put off by it. Hell, I was already running 40+ miles a week-sure they were long and slow, but did I really need to get up at 4:30 AM to fit in the HIIT? I didn't like it at first either. Somedays I'd just reset the alarm and figure I'd do it later. Right.

Then I began realizing how awesome I felt after my HIIT; even during it. I felt more alert, stronger and felt like I really accomplished something.

Since I've found LL I'm realizing that I need to run more than 20 minutes 3x a week for HIIT. I need to accomplish many cardio hours to burn this fat that doesn't budge. You know, I thought I got enough cardio in. I haven't been. I need to do more cardio and lifting. Lifting 3x a week isn't enough either. It's enought for the everyday person trying to get down to 20% fat but not enough for where I want to go.

I've been doing BFL for almost 2 challenges and have only lost 7 pounds (Challenge 1) and 4 pounds (Challenge 2 so far). I have learned to lift, learned the process of HIIT and learned to eat 6 balanced meals. But it isn't enough. I want the lean lean body!

I have been accepted into the LL "Bootcamp Intensive" I begin February 9. I can't believe how excited I am about this. Check out the website www.leannesslifestyle.com to read an overview.

I'll be taking pictures and sending off everything this week for the start. I'm ready.

Tomorrow is "Putting On The Ritz". It's a gala-affair I'm going to attend with a few friends from my running club. Steve has gone with me in the past but he is at a pool tournament this week. This is a fundraising event put on by the Big Lake Booster Club for our schools. I've never attended as a school employee before. I've only attended as Julie Berg.

I have this beautiful Anne Klein dress to wear. It's strappy and low cut. It would look real great after this intensive!

I have a hair appointment tomorrow afternoon, a 15 mile run planned in the morning, Troy's basketball game in the late morning and the gala in the evening. Might be a busy day!

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