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Sunday, October 09, 2005


I ran my yesterday run today. I was scrunched for time yesterday so ran 5, today had more time so ran 10. The rivers are real high; Topaz went for a swim instead of just laying in the water. We've had torrential rains this past week.

It's a beautiful day today in Minnesota. When I hit the trail it was 40F, now it is up to 56F and sunny. The smell of fall is in the air, the leaves are changing, it is truly wonderful.

So while I was running this morning I began to think about Ed Fitz 100 K. The race is taking place next Saturday. I'm feeling good and recovered from Twin Cities Marathon last Sunday. Next week I'll feel even better.

I ran Ed Fitz 2 years ago; I had a crew of Ann and Bonnie. They met me at most of the aid stations every 5K to cater to my every whim. It was a great day. It was my first 100K and I finished in just under 13 hours. I ended up taking 3rd woman and won $150. Go figure!

Last year I caught a cold right after running Superior 50 Mile, I still had it while running TCM and by the time Ed Fitz came around it had turned into bronchitis so I never ran Ed Fitz. Bummer.

This year I'll be at the start. I don't have a crew though so that's the pits. I can have a drop bag at 50K so I'll put a few Myloplex bars and gels, maybe a sandwich or something in there for the half way point. I'll probably begin the race in pants, over shorts, then I can just pull the pants off and tie them around my waist until I get to my drop bag. That's kind of a pain. I'll have gloves, ear band, etc. I'll feel like a damn pack mule. I've even been thinking about wearing my camelback just to carry stuff, but oh, how I hate wearing that.

When I first began running ultras I used the camelback and I packed everything but the kitchen sink. During Ice Age 50 Mile it weighed 27 pounds. That's crazy!

I've since pared down a bit.

I really like my Nathan Sports 2 24 oz water bottle carrier. I'll probably just use that.

The aid stations at Ed Fitz mainly cater to the relay runners. They are many teams that run the 100K. My Big Lake Run Club will be up there with a team.

If you don't have anything to do next Saturday and would like to go for a drive in the great north woods, hey, maybe you want to spend 12 hours driving around, crewing for me?

I better check the weather forecast for next Saturday.

Enjoy today!

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Flatman said...

I wish I could be your crew! I'd do it in a heartbeat if I was a little closer than 1000 miles away...

27 lbs. on your back??? I might as well throw my son up on my back and give him a piggy back for 100k!!!

Good luck and take it easy this week to rest up!