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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Afton Fat Ass

Excuse the language! In ultra running a "Fat Ass" run is one which is free, where there are no shirts or aid and usually a pot luck dinner afterwards.

Scott Wagner, Race Director of the Afton 50K, has held an Afton Fat Ass for the past three years on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. Well, this Saturday will be the third year.

It's a blast! There are usually 20 or so runners who participate. We meet at the Afton State Park visitor center and run 'follow the leader' style, through the woods, through culverts, up and down hills, for 3-5 hours.

Scott says this year the route is 4-5 hours. A good enough run to wear off the Thanksgiving Pecan pie!

After a good run we'll converge on the visitor center for waffles, fruit salad, venison chili, multiple cake and cookie items and whatever else is brought along.

Most of all, we'll enjoy some very good company.

Do you know that I met all of these ultra runners on line? Yup. 3 years ago I wanted to run more than just marathons. I did a search and found the Minnesota Dead Runners list. I began to participate in online discussions and one day a woman (who turned out to be Bonnie!) invited me to a 'beginning ultra runner' discussion in St. Paul. Well, I was a bit nervous to meet a group of people that I had only conversed with online and had never seen in person. Thank goodness I did. This group of people have become some of my best friends.

After a few meetings..we met every Thursday night on Lake Como..Bonnie asked me to ride along with Bonnie and Marie to run the Ice Age 50 Mile. I had never even left home for a weekend!

I'm sure glad I attended that first meeting.

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