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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Last night Tyler's guitar lesson was cancelled. This meant I could spend more than 30 minutes at the gym. Yippee!

I was planning on working legs only; but when I was finished I was SO enjoying working my body that I went onto biceps. Heck, I had plenty of time.

Something that has never happened at the gym to me happened last night. I was at the rack; doing squats. A guy (mr. huge, fit, gorgeous and young guy that is always at the gym) came up to me and said "damn, your legs are really comming around; look at 'em, just look at 'em" and he shook his head. I was like WOW!

Nobody ever comments on my legs; it is always my arms. I get plenty of arm comments but I must say, the leg comment, it probably was the reason I wanted to lift longer.


I feel it this morning. DOMS has set in big-time and I love it!

This morning I hobbled through a treadmill workout-I set up the hill workout-sheesh, I was breathing like I was in the Sierra Nevada's (ha). Tonight Troy's basketball practice is rescheduled to tomorrow so I and Topaz will hit the trail for a few.

Barbell Squat: 130x4x3, 115x8x1
Barbell Deadlifts: 90x10x1, 110x8x4
Press: 160x6x3
Ham Curl: 60x12x1, 70x8x3
Extension: 120x12x4

Barbell 21's: 50x4x3
Dumbell Curl: 30x8x4
Cable curls: 70x12x4

Staying right on track with the Paleo for Athletes:
M1: OJ
M2: 6 fried egg whites, 3 T raisins, Banana
M3: Nuts/raisins (not really a meal is it?)
M4: 4 oz salmon, large green salad, Olive oil, apple
M5: 4 oz lean flank steak, large bowl of brocolli/cauliflower/olive oil
M5: All The Whey Protein Shake w/ 1/2 banana


Flatman said...

You're unstoppable these days!

Joe Sherry said...


When you say that you have 5 meals in a day, how are these scheduled? Do you plan that you're going to eat a little bit at 6, 9, 12, 3, and 5? Or, how does that work?

I understand that it is better to do grazing all day to keep your metabolism going rather than plug in huge meals, but I don't understand the timing of it all.

Can you help explain?

Julie B said...

Hi Joe,

The timing of my meals? Well, for yesterday here are the times: I actually had 6 but mistyped 5 and 5~!
m1: 4 AM
m2:6 AM
m3: 9 AM
m4: 12 PM
m5: 4PM
m6: 7PM