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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Leanness Lifestyle Bootcamp Ala Julie

Because there isn't a LL Bootcamp Intensive to participate in until January I have decided to have my own little party.

My Birthday is on December 30; my gift to myself...120 pounds of me. I'm at the lowest I've ever weighed, but in the back of my mind I always wanted to hit 120, then be able to have a few pounds cushion for PMS bloat, post race carb, etc. Yup, 120 it is.

I now consider myself in 'action' until I weigh 120 pounds. 6 weeks=5 pounds; very doable. Unless my body throws a fit and does not want to leave this 125 place. It threw a fit at 140 pounds too.

The plan: 3 days rt; 7 day cardio=100 activity minutes is the minimum each day. Food wise will be Leanness Lifestyle as usual on the Paleo side.

I track my food daily at http://www.leannesslifestyle.com/public_journal/?LCN=julie126

If you are interested in looking at Leanness Lifestyle you can go here: http://www.take-a-look-at.com/Leanness_Lifestyle/495

Yesterday: 2.5 mile treadmill run and back/shoulders

Lat pull down: 100x8x3
Cable row: 100x9x3
Bent over row dumb bell: 30x12x3
Good Mornings: 105x12x3
DB over the head press: 30x12x3
DB lat raise/superset front raise/side 25x12x6

1 comment:

Flatman said...

You can DO IT! I totally believe you can do this in 6 weeks!

Go Julie!!!!