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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wednesday Night Run Club

Minnesota experienced a wonderful fall day today. The sky was clear and blue; the wind light and the temperature..a balmy 71 degrees F! Spectacular!!

The only bummer is that it is now dark at 530 PM. We turned out clocks back on Sunday. I hate that, why can't we just enjoy the night light and keep the morning dark? I don't get it; but, I digress.

As I pulled my reflective vest over my short sleeved shirt I realized this was the first time I had worn the vest over anything other than a jacket. I didn't need a jacket today, or pants. Shorts and a tee on November 2. That hasn't happened before.

Run club was fun. It was only 1 and 4 of the guys. They actually ran at my pace tonight. We finished the 5 miles in 39:40.

I ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill this morning too. I'm finding that I don't like to start the day without a couple miles on the treadmill. It's becomming my cup of coffee-so to speak.

M1: Oat Pancake
M2: Banana/cottage cheese
M3: Tuna pouch, green salad, apple
M4: (Pre run) 1/2 Myloplex Bar
M5: (Post run) 2 c. ff pop corn (no appetite)


William said...

I was looking into my template and I don't see anywhere ot change the Nav bar. It looks like they stick it in as you view the page.

Thats why when I look at individual posts, or raw HTML, the nav bar is at the top where it should be. Here

but when I go to your page here, it screws it up.

I would look to see in your template if you have proper [head] [/head]
and then [body][/body] tags and that there aren't any extra ones.

William said...

Tell me what the oats are that you use to make the pancakes? Is this instant oatmeal?

Ironayla said...

Julie - I have an idea of how to fix your blogger thing... however I can't paste it here cause it is stuff to edit your template with and it wouldn't let me post it.

Would you email me - so I can send you my idea? Or, I could edit it for you (if you let me). Just so you know, I helped Rob (http://runningfurther.blogspot.com/) get his site up and running.

my email is - ironayla at msn dot com

robtherunner said...

If it weren't for ironayla my blog would probably be nonexistent. She does a wonderful job.