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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wednesday Night Run Club

When I went out at lunch today I could not believe how windy and cold it was! 15F and 35 mile per hour winds makes for one cold temperature.

It wasn't any better come 5:00 tonight. I wanted to run 10 miles so figured I'd begin an hour early and run one loop myself and another with the fellow run club members.

Out came the fleece tights, under the wind pants. The two long sleeved shirts, the jacket, the fleece gloves, under the wind mittens, the wool socks and the fleece hat. All set.

I know that I've never had a run I haven't enjoyed and knew that I would enjoy this one too...once I began. I just had to get out there.

The hardest part was the first 1/4 mile..right into the wind. I had to pull my hands-covered with two layers of mits-into my jacket sleeves. Eventually I was able to pull them out and pull down my fleece face mask onto my neck.

The moon was big and full, beautifully reflecting upon itself upon the lake. Magical.

I misjudged my timing and was finished before the other runners had arrived for the 6:00 run. I was beginning to get cold so headed out for loop two on my own.

I finished by myself and was able to cheer and yell as the 5 men finished.

We stood around for only a few minutes. Enough time to stand in a circle, hold hands and offer a prayer for Ann.

Cold and wind blown, we all headed home.


Flatman said...

Awesome that you took the time out in the cold to pray for your friend...

Nice job on running in the cold. I am haveing a hard time getting used to it.

RTG said...

Just think -- this weather won't seem so bad in another month or so. How frightening is that?

Susan said...

OMG OMG - you have the cutest dog in the whole world. Great job with the cold - It is taking some getting used to.