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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Weekend Runnings

I think we had three different seasons this weekend. Summer, fall and winter.

Friday was summer. It was beautiful. My parents are visiting for the weekend, while I and Topaz ran the trail they walked along. It was fabulous. We did five miles; the leaves were crisp under our feet, the sun was high and full at the start..at the finish we watched a beautiful pink/orange sunset, we then came home for grilled turkey tenderloin and a huge green salad. Yum.

Saturday was fall. Troy had an 830 basketball game so I went out for 5 miles before the game. Watched the game..and watched Troy make TWO baskets...and ran another 5 miles before running around like mad mice at the malls. Yes, Christmas Shopping. It was getting windy and feeling like fall.

Today is winter. I and Topaz headed out at 8 AM for 15 miles on the trail. We left in a cold rain and returned in a white fluffy snow jag. WOW! I'm not quite ready to have my running snow shoes pulled from the garage rafters, but it is coming up soon.

I'm having thoughts of the Northwoods Snow Shoe Running Marathon in January. It is SO much fun! Yup, a marathon on snowshoes. Last year I wasn't able to make it up to Duluth on race day because of a winter storm. The prior year I finished the marathon under 6 hours and the prior year it was 615 I believe.

Yes, it is as difficult as it sounds: 26 miles in deep snow/hills on snowshoes. Bring it on!

M1: Orange juice/banana/All The Whey Protein Powder
M2: (On the Run) Myloplex Bar
M3: Oat Pancake (1/2 cup oats, 6 egg whites, splenda, sf syrup)
M3: Apple, left over grilled turkey tenderloin, 2 c mixed veggies
M4: Sliced tomato, grilled chicken breast, large green salad

Calories: 1597; Carb: 39% Protein: 41% Fat: 20%

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jessie_tri_mn said...

A snowshoe marathon? Yikes that would be so difficult... My butt hurts just thinking about it ;)

That said, I love a good hike in fresh powder with my snow shoes. Maybe snow tomorrow! Yipee!