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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Windy City

Man, the temperature is 38F and there is a 40 mph wind. It's dang chilly out there! What a change from the balmy weather we have had all fall long. Tomorrow it is supposed to be back to 60 though. Unreal, but, I'll take it.

Troy's basketball was rescheduled for tonight from 6-730. Scheduled perfectly. I brought him to basketball and just about made it in time for 6 o'clock Run Club. Just about. They were all heading out of the lot as I pulled in. Dave was running loop two back and noticed me beginning the route and waited up for me. Kurt did the same. We had a nice chat between breaths. They are much faster that I.

We ran a 38 minute 8K. I like that :)

Back to the basketball practice all cold and sweaty. Brrr.

Good news: Steve received a mega raise. More than my two jobs put together. Guess I'll be quiting the grocery gig.

Yesterday workout:
4 mile treadmill hills
5 mile trail run with Topaz
M1: OJ
M2: 6 egg whites/banana
M3: Raisins/nuts
M4: 4 oz canned chicken/celery/apple/lf mayo
M5: 4 oz rotiserre chicken/large green salad/olive oil
M6: Banana/All The Whey Protein Powder


Flatman said...

Congrats on the influx of cash...it's great that you don't have to work as much!

William said...

Wow, nice raise. You could always keep the job and buy more running gadgets or do more races.8-)