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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Yippee! The Weekend is here!

I always hate to wish days away. You know, wish for Friday, wish that the weekend would hurry up and arrive, etc.

So I don't.

The days pass too quickly; just as I have turned 40 much too quickly. How did THAT happen?

Anyway, today is Saturday and I am pleased.

I worked the usual 40 hours at school and then 10 at Cobornes Grocery. Not too bad.

Steve and Tyler have left for the weekend; the great Minnesota tradition of deer hunting which must be passed down from Father to Son. All I can say is please be safe!

Troy and I have the weekend to ourselves. I'll be heading out for a run in a few minutes; I slept in today. Troy and I will then head into town (yeah, we live 54 miles from Minneapolis/St. Paul so 'town' would be MSP) to visit Barnes and Noble for a while and have lunch at our favorite lunch restaurant, Champps. It's very nice to have some one-on-one time with each of the boys. This weekend it will be my time with Troy.

I'm looking for the new book (I'm really not sure of the title) Paleo Eating for Athletes. It's by the Paleo Guru himself; Loren Cordain AND Joe Friel of Going Long fame. I have been eating Paleo since I realize I had a little sugar addiction during my first Bootcamp with Leanness Lifestyle. The combination of an author on Paleo eating and the author of Ironman Triathlon Training is JUST what I need!!

The deer hunters are able to hunt on both sides of the trail which I run upon. There are dirt roads posted on either side of the property which clearly state NO HUNTING. I will hear many shots and see many deer, running onto 'my' trail for safety. I and Topaz will wear our blaze orange.



Ironayla said...

Your day today sounds great! I hope you enjoy the Paleo for Atheletes - as it does seem you are eating that way. I have yet to bring myself to give up the rice, potatoes and bagels, or even the sugar in my coffee yet :)

I can help you with your site. You can email add me as a admin member of your site (settings, member)and then email me what info you use, or you can just email me your login in info. Either way I understand that is trusting someone who you haven't met.

Either way - email me: ironayla@msn.com

Flatman said...

I love that header pic of Topaz...awesome! Be careful out there!

jessie_tri_mn said...

Sounds like a great weekend with your son!

I'm also a sugar addict, recovering. If I eat one piece of candy (chocolate not included), I go on a bender for about a week. Crazy drug.

Be safe out there on the trail! Deer hunters are also crazy!