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Friday, December 23, 2005

2006 Calendar

The New Year is just about upon me. I feel quite different than I did last year at this time when I first created this blog.

I was feeling fat and unfit; although I was running 50 mile weeks. Somehow my weight had creeped up (read: sugar) and the big 4 - O h was making its presence known.

I was depressed.

Now, one year later, I am 25 pounds lighter and running faster than I ever believed I could. Once the weight came off, the miles became much easier.

Hey-and I'm not depressed about turning 41 next week. Not. At. All. Thank goodness. It's not like I could do anything about it anyway..hello!

Today I created my race schedule for 2006. All I can do from here on out is move forward. I have planned my races and have planned my workouts to get me there. I have big plans.

I published it on the sidebar.

I am going to begin taking swimming lessons next week so I will be adding in a few triathlons-when I'm not running races.

My 2006 goals will allow me to reach my 2007 goals.

I contacted a gal from MN who ran the Grand Slam a few years ago. She's the only woman in MN to have completed the series, plus, she is the youngest woman EVER to have completed the series. We are going to meet for coffee after the holidays so that I can learn from her. It will be very interesting to hear of her training and the races she completed to get her to the finish line at Wasatch. Wow. Sheesh. That seems so unattainable to me.

You know what, this all seemed so unattinable to me..

Today was a 10 mile snow shoe run in temperatures again, above average. 38F and sunny. Gotta like that.


Ironayla said...

I hope you post something about how your meeting with the gal about the Grand Slam. I am so interested!!!

William said...

Way to go! What an amazing year you have had. Good luck with your 2006 goals and the Grand Slam in 07.

You are officially insane now, hows it feel? 8-}

Sheila said...

Hi, Julie. You left a comment on my blog and so I stopped on over here. Congratulations on setting and achieving stair-step goals! So many people talk about losing weight but don't really commit to it the way you did. And you know and can see the dramatic effect of the loss on your running speed.

Grand Slam--you GO GIRL! I love reading about ultrarunners; they are a different breed.

nancytoby said...

You're amazing and an inspiration to me!

Happy holidays to you - and thanks for the reminder to do a 2005 review and goal update!