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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Foiled Again

Brrr! This morning it was -6 with a -30 wind chill as I and Topaz hit the Blue Hill Trail. It was crispy cold!

I wasn't able to attend the 50K Christmas Party. Troy's basketball team had a mini tournament that ran from 11-2 and conflicted with the timing of the run/party. It's OK; I did just run a 50K less than a week ago!

I noticed that the Sherburne County people had placed signs up on 'my' trail stating "CLOSED TO ALL BUT CROSS COUNTY SKIING" well, forget that business, I thought.

I have only seen one xc skier out there over the years. It makes me so mad because I am out there almost every darn day; he is out there once a week..usually Saturday.

Well he was out there today and he really chewed my butt! I was just finishing 10 miles when he found me. He yelled for a few minutes about the snow shoes ripping up his trail, then yelled about Topaz out there when the new sign clearly states no dogs. Well, I really didn't see that writing on the sign. Don't know how I missed that.

Guess I won't be heading out to Blue Hill in a while...

I came home and called a very good friend of mine. He is a developer who creates beautiful neighborhoods. We have a 2.5 acre minimum lot size in Sherburne County so when Steve is putting in a new development there is a lot of land involved.

He just purchased 480 acres near our home, I sit on the Planning and Zoning Board so new it was open and just sitting there. I drive past it numerous times during the day. It is beautiful; all pines and oaks.

I called Steve today to see if I could run upon his property with Topaz. He told me to act as though the 480 acres is mine. Yippee! At least I'll have somewhere to snowshoe this winter, and it is less than a mile from home.

A bad situation turned into a good situation.

I've been kicked off of so many places that I've run upon I can't count them all. Remember the Eagle Ridge situation last winter? Oh my gosh, fines and all. Then I was kicked off of the field route last summer when new owners took over the land..yikes. The County Sheriff was involved and everything..

On the heart rate monitor..I ordered the Polar S610i. Thank you very much for your input.

Have a great Saturday :)


Kim said...

Julie glad a bad situation turned into a good one.. Seems you have had a few encounters with the law man and over your running of all things - heaven forbid someone get out and do something to make themselves fit and healthy. Its not like you or Topaz are damaging the property for gosh sakes! however you got plenty of space to run now!

William said...

I just can't believe that. I did not know XC skiis trumped snow shoes as far as recreation trails go.

You've got me really interested in trying snowshoeing. I have been non-committally looking at the different models to try to find ones suitable for my weight and running.