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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Heart Rate Monitor..

It is SNOWING!! A real old-fashioned snow storm! Rockin!!

School had a two hour late start so off to the trail I went, Topaz and snowshoes packed. The trail was powdery and lovely. 7 miles later I was totally exhausted..but exhilerated.

What a great way to start the day! Now, here I am, back at work..not so great.

So..I have hooked up with an ultra coach and he is suggesting I purchase a heart rate monitor. I have never used one because there are too many damn models to choose from!

He suggests Polar, with a downloadable HR file. Have you used one? Do you have a review?? Please..please..I will purchase one soon, I'd just like some input.

Enjoy the SNOW!!!!!!!!


Flatman said...

I have the Polar S150 with a whole bunch of extra bike functions on it, but I really wish I had sprung for one that is downloadable to my PC. Spring for the extra $...you won't regret it, I am sure!

Happy Shopping!

Ironayla said...

I really like my S720 (http://www.polarusa.com/Products/consumer/s720.asp) I have had it two years and have no complaints.

However, being that I want to know how fast I am running, there is the S625x (http://www.polarusa.com/Products/consumer/s625x.asp)that I am really interested in getting (if I get a good Christmas bonus) :)

You should check out bolders blog (http://bolderinboulder.blogspot.com/)as he posts some of his HRM downloads (here is one http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/3521/1179/1600/malaise.0.jpg)

Cool - you have an ultra coach!

Kim said...

Julie you have to tell me how you've revamped your blog?

I keep trying to post links and such to mine, like my LL link to my logs and well being computer challenged I'm at a loss.

I love your new look by the way with all the pictures and such.

Even if you don't do Jen's camp with Robin and I, I do hope we will at least be able to find some time to meet each other. You have really been a reason I've gotten off my butt and tried this running thing and now I'm thinking about a 190 mile relay race??? who woulda thunk it?? certainly not me!

RTG said...

A heart-rate monitor can be an indespensible tool to improve performance. It always offers an objective review of how hard your body is working.

I trained with one for years. More recently, I've mostly ignored mine. Accordingly, my marathon times slowed this year.

I have Polar and Nike HRMs. I started with the Polar and added the Nike HRM years later, mostly because I'm a Nike freak. Both work well.

The criticism I have of my Polar monitor, however, is this. Its battery is completely encased within it. When the battery dies, so too does the HRM. I had to send it to Polar for replacement, which when I did it set me back $70 or so. My Nike HRM has a removable panel that allows me to remove the battery and replace it myself.

For me, the Nike was a no-brainer for another reason too. I much prefer its watches over Polar's.

Anonymous said...

I got a heart-rate monitor for my birthday - the Garmin 301, complete with GPS. It's easy to use, seems stable and always picks up the signal. Make sure your coach uses the [(max-resting) x percent + resting rate] formula for the target rate. <70% on easy days, 80-85% for hard/threshold, 90's for intervals. It's a good training tool, although I only like to use it 1-2x per week. Good luck! - Brent

jessie_tri_mn said...

I've got the bottom of the line polar watch. Bought it years ago and all it does is give me a standard hr reading and an average for the workout.

I would have liked more features, especially time in zones (preferably user identified) and highest HR.

I agree with the others, spring for a little extra $ and you'll be happy.

I've thought about the garmin 301, but I use the monitor inside often, and what's the use of a GPS inside?