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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Let the Planning Begin

Bummer. I wasn't selected for the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. There were 6 lucky Minnesotan's that were selected.

However, I am very pleased that I was selected to pace Bonnie during the race :) That is probably more fun than running the whole thing! I get to take a fun little jaunt out to sunny California without all of the pressure. I get to hang out with the runners, the crews, the pacers; meet all of the people I have read about and go for an awesome run during the night time hours. Pretty sweet, hu? This may be better than the real thing.

So now it is time to plan my '06 racing calendar.

I would like to do McNaughton 100 again, although it is during Easter weekend so that is the pits. But I'd still like to do it. Family discussion.

FANS 24 hour run. Sucks because it is hard, mentally. I tried to complete 100 miles three times. I've come close; 83 and 86 miles..then dropped last year at 12 hours. So it would really be awesome to actually do it. We'll see. It's in Minneapolis; no travel. Good option. Just do it already.

Leadville 100. Shit. Scary. Wow factor. Jeffrey is doing it and seems to think I could as well. Since I'm not doing Western I'm actually thinking, um, Yes.

Superior 100. Used to scare me too. Hell, the 50 mile scared me. Now I totally love Superior. It is only 3 weeks after Leadville. But hell, Wasatch is only three weeks after Leadville and I'll be doing that little scenario next year.

What if I don't get into Western next year? This whole Grand Slam plan would fizzle on out. Guess I won't think about that..head in the sand..now.

So those are the main races I'm thinking of for '06.

This morning I was getting ready to head out to the trail. It was cold. -5F. Crisp. Frosty. I was grumbling around the house about how cold it was, that I really sucked at snowshoeing yesterday, that the snowshoe marathon is a little over a month away, that I couldn't find my gaitors because I hadn't looked for them, etc. I looked at Steve and began to giggle as I felt so foolish! I checked the attitude right there and said "I'm grateful that I CAN go out for a 15 mile run at -5F, I'm grateful that I have a dog that will run alongside with me, I'm grateful I have a family that doesn't whine and complain about my running and I'm grateful that I'm healthy."

Guess what? I had an awesome time! I didn't get cold; I dressed appropriately and I found my gators..becauses I looked for them.

15 miles in 2:50. It'll do. My water bottles with Heed froze; I forgot to wear my pack inside of my jacket. Oh yeah, next time!

Have a great Sunday. Think about what you are grateful for!


William said...

Hey Julie what model of Northern Lites do you use?

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Julie: You're making good progress toward your goals. My goal for 2007 is to qualify and run in Hardrock. I'll be the big 5-0 that year, so it would be special.

Julie B said...

William; I don't know what model they are..they are bright yellow and have held up very well..4 seasons worth.

Ben-you'll reach your 07 goals. Hardrock! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Julie, that's too bad about WS100. I also did not get in, but am OK with it, as I'm really thinking 2007 or 2008 would be better - I just wanted to start the 3-year automatic bid now. So at least if you don't get in next year, you'll know 2008 is the slam year for sure. I'm thinking of going out to Lean Horse this year instead - probably a good course for my first 100. Keep on runnin! You're amazing in this weather - I'm mostly hanging out at the Y until March. My body enjoys the annual off-season. Brent

PartTimeMom said...

Being chosen as a pacer sounds like a lot of fun.

E-Speed said...

doesn't it suck when you water bottles freeze? Such a Bummer!!!

Have fun pacing in the 100 miler! Sounds awesome!

kt said...

julie i cannot believe how much gear you must be packing! and snow shoes. i just don't get how snowshoeing can equate w/ a run. how in the blankety blank can you keep up a pace? i MEAN! i don't understand how you can still DO the same mileage. and you lamented that you got done (in some post) slower than norm. ISN'T THAT what you'd expect? i need comprehension. i posted a comment on a more recent post of your'n ... i'm muy interested! kt

oh, and GREAT JOB on all your endeavors! and i wanted to comment on: GOOD JOB BEING THANKFUL! i too am sooo thankful my fam is to a point that i can go off on a run and they can fend for themselves!