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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Year..New Running Program

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had 'hooked up with a running coach' but offered no additional details.

I've never had a running coach, but once I decided the Grand Slam was going to be a future goal, I knew that I needed someone to guide me, someone to write me a plan, someone to teach me what to do to realize that goal.

I found that person.

I also mentioned earlier that I had been following "Paleo Eating for Athletes" By Loren Cordain (Paleo Eating) and Joe Friel (Going Long and other great books). I had been emailing back and forth to Joe and his son, Dirk, who have created Ultra Fit Training. They led me to Anthony Humpage of "Team Woofie"; an ultra runner out of Arizona who specializes in woman masters ultrarunners and Ironman. Well, Bingo.

Anthony is very good friends of Joe and Loren and fully believes in Paleo Eating for Athletes. A very good fit for me.

I will use trainingpeaks.com to log my workouts, to view my upcoming workouts, enter food, etc.

My workouts will consist of three key running workouts a week: intervals, cadence, hills and endurance; I will lift three times a week- a whole new approach to RT. Instead of focusing on building muscle mass I will be focusing on strenghening the muscles I use for running. I will be working my core 2x a week along with swimming, jumping rope and bicycling. Wow. I'm stoked.

I completed a 6 minute run test to see how far I could get in 6 minutes; a treadmill speed test and a number of heart rate tests and sent Anthony video of my running gait. With that information Anthony created my workouts. I'll use my heart rate montitor during each workout.

Right now I am familiarizing myself with Trianing Peaks and looking over my schedule for the next four weeks.

New Year..New Run Program.

Run On!


Kim said...

sounds like you gotta plan stan! I have embarked on reading the non runners marathon guide and I LOVE IT! I'm only to like wk3 of training and I love the way its written. It speaks a lot about positive mental attitude and that is something I need to focus on.

I will first concentrate on the bodybuilding competition in May, then I do believe my focus will be on training for the LaSalle Bank marathon in Chicago in October.

It would be cool if you could post a link to your training peaks once you get it set up. I'd love to see what your doing. I've seen the site someone from run club uses it, but I think for me right now just keeping a paper journal is enough for now, but one never knows where this could lead!

I'm so excited for you Julie. I know you will be a success!

Gretchen said...

Ohhhh...I really want to get a coach of some sort. I need a boost. You have really cute pets and a great web site for new runners like me to read and try harder! Thanks

William said...

Good luck Julie. I may have to check out that Paleo diet.

Are you doing the Lean Lifestyle again?

Cliff said...

That sounds good. I have just ordered a book from amazon on Paleo Diet.

Before I heard about the Paleo Diet, I know I need to eat more veges and fruits. I just never thought of reducing my grain food. This will be hte hard one. I love my whole wheat, multi grain ...

D said...

Nice blog Julie! Happy Birthday by the way. I like your attitude about turning 41! Sounds like you have a great plan for 2006 and 2007!

D said...
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