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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Scheduled 'Sick' Day :)

In an effort to keep up with my medical priorities I let my manager know last week that I was scheduling a sick day today.

I had a late morning appointment with my gynocologist for the fasted chol. test, the CA125 cancer count blood test, the annual pap, the mammogram and to make another appointment to have my ovaries x-rayed at another office. All in an effort to stay cancer free.

A year ago this past June my Mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. She went through 6 chemo treatments, had her tumors and ovaries removed and has been cancer free for 1 year. Rock On Mom! My Grandmother died of the disease when she was in her 50's.

Every six months I have my ovaries looked at and my CA125 taken as a precaution. If the CA125 ever increases or the ovaries look like there could be something growing on them, a complete hysterectomy will be ordered.

After Troy was on the bus this morning, I and Topaz headed out to the Blue Hill Trail. If figured since it IS a week-day, Mr. Crabby XC skiier wouldn't be out there to chew me out. He wasn't, and neither were many XC tracks. I stayed on the side of the path with my snowshoes and pounded out 8 miles.

Oh my gosh, I was starving. Because the chol. test was the fasted version I hadn't eaten since last night, after my killer back/shoulder workout and a 5 mile treadmill run.

Tonight is Run Club. Since Ann hasn't been running, I have been the only woman, the only woman who runs a whole lot slower than the fast men. They wait for me at the finish, but you know, it would be nice to round up a few more runners.

I think I found one. Troy's 4th grade teacher has completed a few triathlons and wants to run more. I told her I'd go her pace, walk breaks, whatever, we'd just have a fun time. She said YES! Awesome.

I'm looking forward to another run this evening.

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Kim said...

Knowing you'd run at my pace I sure do wish I lived closer!

I'm glad to hear your mom is doing well and you are keeping up with testing. Not the best way to spend a sick day but a very smart precautionary one!