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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Snow Shoe Adventure

I was really looking forward to running today. I had a new place to check out; 480 acres to myself AND I had a new Polar S610i Heart Rate Monitor to try out.

Last night I tried out a few of the features and read through the manual. I was ready to at least give it a try.

It was, again, -10F with a -35F windchill this morning. Brrr.

Before I left the house I told Steve that I better grab my cell, I wasn't sure where I was going to park the car at. I couldn't really just park on the road; it's a busy township road without shoulders. The old driveway to the farm house that used to be there was all covered in 15" of snow. So I told him I'd call him IF I became stuck. I was pretty certain I would be stuck.

Since 1991 I have owned 3 different Explorers and in 2002 I bought an Expedition. I never really worried about getting stuck before. Last year, in an effort to save the air and save some money on fuel, I traded in my Expedition for a little Honda CRV. My friend, Bonnie, has one, and I love it.

I really love my CRV. I get 35 mpg and it's cheap to own. But it can become stuck even with 4 WD.

I was parking on the side of the road, kind of near the ditch, and slid right into the ditch..right over the front hood. Ooops.

A quick call to Steve..to warn him that he'd have to help me out in two hours..and I was off and running.

OH MY GOSH. It was tough plowing through all of that snow! Topaz doesn't make a great trail breaker! I was a huffing and a puffing.

My average hr was 171 for the 2 hours..that is HIGH isn't it? My maximum is 184, so yeah, that's high. It was quite the workout. I still need to download the file, I just looked at the average HR so far. I had to go shopping, you know.

I found 3 ponds on the property, lot of deer and 5 eagles. It was incredible. My battery pack became drained of energy..I think because of the cold so I don't have any pictures. I'll charge it up and get some tomorrow.

OK, so I finished running 2 hours and called Steve. I'm ready. OK, he's ready to come and get me. Before he drove the .75 mile over to me a guy in big, brand new sparkling red Ford F350 pulled along side me. He had me out of that ditch with one pop!

He was pretty satisfied with himself for saving the damsel in distress, with his big new shiny truck.

I said thanks and made it home before Steve's truck was even warm!

Tomorrow I'll park somewhere else...

Oh! The Florida Ironman is on TV today from 2-3 Central Time. I'll have to switch from the Vikings to the Ironman.


kt said...

okay...so on your long runs you're using SNOWSHOES???????????? are you kidding me? how can you possibly run? am i getting this right?
a few post ago you mentioned a 50K. okay, so that's THIRTY MILES, right? omygosh. so did you do this w/ snow shoes? is there a specific snow shoe for running? THIS i have to know about!

and you mentiond a heart monitor..i spose cuz it's so much harder in snow drifts, you really have to watch out and not overdo or you might be in trouble. but you mentioned a batt pack and you couldn't take any photos, right? is this an all-in-1 contraption? i've been wondering about how peops take pics on their runs. so far no one has emailed me or posted on MY blog the answers...and i can't remember all the names of the blogs i've asked on.
help! i'd like to take pics too. i think my NEXT step in EXTRA paraphanalia to take, would be the cell phone..that and GU. i have never gone over 8 miles, so far. that's in 2 wks. that might be the start of taking the cell.
i'm super interested in all you're doing. PLUS in your profile you said you lost the fat. all 30 pounds? i'd say it'd be HARD TO KEEP ON running 30 miles at the drop of a hat. funny name for those: 'fat ass!' nice! i would qualify for that (name) but how can you runners (at that distance) go by that? i'm sure it's just for the fun (?) of the name...just curious.
are you classified as an ultra runner?
lots of questions. thx for your time!
God Bless! kt

RTG said...

Snowshoe workouts are killers. A lot less impact on your joints, but it's scary how your heart rate can soar so quickly.

A few years ago, on my first-ever snowshoe run, my heart rate hit 195 less than a half-mile from home. I had barely started and already I felt completely spent. I wasn't sure I could endure the intensity for four miles. Somehow, I survived. In the process, I immediately developed a very healthy appreciation for -- and maybe a little fear of --snowshoe running.

Ironayla said...

Great job on the snow shoeing! I can't even begin to relate to the amount of snow you have and deal with every year.

Glad to hear your car wasn't stuck to bad and the guy was able to help you out :)

Can't wait to hear more about your training with your HRM :)

Cliff said...

Looks like a good run.