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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sucking Wind

Today I removed my snow shoes from their spot in the garage. They were all full of spider webs and dust. Yuck. I didn't enjoy the thought of having to run on them, it's hard work..and I forgot that it is actually quite fun.

I am not a winter person. I TRY to enjoy winter. I snow shoe run, I cross country ski, I ice fish, I sled with the boys, I go snow tubing..but I don't really enjoy it all that much. I like swimming, I like beaches, I like green grass, I like running in the daylight for heavens sake...

Driving out to the trail, snow falling like crazy, I was thinking how much I enjoyed running sans snow.

Once I reached the trail head and strapped the Northern Lights on I began to think of the past four winters that I've run on these snow shoes. It's been fun.

I was planning on running 15 miles today; but for the first snow shoe run of the season, 10 miles had to be enough.

Sheesh, I was sucking wind. Topaz didn't slow at all in the snow. I was pretty much crawling.

I have a lot of work to do before the January 21 Northwoods Snow Shoe Marathon up in Duluth !

OH ... Today is the drawing for the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. I received an email that stated I have a 37% chance of being selected.

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BuckeyeRunner said...

Right on, Julie. Give me sun, sand, open water, warm temps, and daylight.

Good job on the 10!