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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Always the first time..

Today I slept through my workout! I set my clock for 415 AM but didn't wake up to turn it off. I slept on and on and on as it must have just buzzzzzed along until I finally turned it off at 6 AM. Oh my goodness. Guess I enjoyed my winter vacation a little too much!

Part of the reason I overslept could have been because I knew what workout was awaiting me: 800's. They are so difficult for me. I am not a speedy girl and well, speed hurts. I gasp and cough and feel rough.

All day long I had to think about what I was eating and drinking, being careful as I knew a 4 PM workout awaited me at home.

I warmed up with a light jog and multiple jumps, 10 minutes of jump rope. Then 6x800 @ 8MPH for 3:30 minutes; 2 minute recovery jog inbetween. Oh Lord.

My average heart rate was 177. Now I need to learn how to download the file from the watch to the computer. Guess I'll be pulling out my manual after my meeting tonight.

4.65 miles in 37 minutes. Yowza. Next week will be easier and I'm stronger in the AM!


Julie B said...

Hi...Just found your site via a search done on myself by someone else. My name is Julie Berger. Loved your blog

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Great workout! Have a Happy 2006!

E-Speed said...

Happy New Year!

Good job on the 800s!

Cliff said...

I sleep in today too.

Miss my morning swim...ohh.