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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Shorts ?

I am feeling recovered from the marathon. Actually I would classify it as an ultra, as the GPS's on the course showed the distance at 28.5 miles. I like that.

Instead of 6x800's on Tuesday I completed 3, then headed out on the trail with Topaz. My shin was still feeling stressed from the fall/snowshoes and it just scared me. I've been injury free since I began to run, I don't want to ruin that streak. The trail felt good.

Wednesday I didn't run the asphalt with Run Club. Again, I opted for a kinder, more gentle run on the trail with Topaz. I loved it.

Today it is supposed to be 45 freakin' degrees. Yeah, 45F in Central Minnesota..in January. How does that rock? Woohoo! I love it.

I ran my tempo run on the treadmill this AM at 3:45 and the leggies felt great. I am feeling recovered and ready to roll. After work today is a snow shoe run in shorts I think! What a picture, hu? I can't wait to get out in that sunshine!!

At 645 this evening I have a massage scheduled. Ahhhhh.....I feel the release of tension already....


William said...

Injury free? Why you lucky person!

You must have very god bio-mechanics. I am very jealous.

I am trying to order those snow shoes today. I'll see if they are in stock and can ship all the way up here to Canada.

Susan said...

snow shoes and shorts! that rocks!

Chris said...

It truly *is* a beautiful day here in Minnesota! Greetings from down "south"! :)

jessie_tri_mn said...

I love the juxtaposition!

We must see photos of this anomaly :)

Man, I gotta get outside.

E-Speed said...

i got in shorts last night thinking it was "warm" out. Haha I was fooled! I think that is the coldest my legs have been in a long time!

You must have a good base snow because after our latest warming nothing has stuck to the ground.