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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stiff Legs

Last night I worked legs for an hour. I actually had a hard time walking from the laying hamstring curl machine to the standing calf raise. My quads felt plumped out from the leg extensions and the barbell squats.

Leg Extensions: 145x10x4
Standing Barbell Squats: 150x10x4
Dead Lifts: 125x12x4
Laying Leg Curls: 80x10x4
Slanted Leg Press: 150x10x4
Standing Calf Raise: 180x15x2

I could feel the DOMS begin to set in this evening. Just in time to go to they gym and get in my 800's. Yikes.

After a mile warm up I cranked out 6 x 800 @ 8 mph for 3:30 minutes-heart rate average 178-181, 400 meter recovery inbetween at 6 mph.

I was finished and still have 20 minutes before I needed to pick up Tyler from guitar lessons. What's a gal to do but run another few miles .. at recovery speed of course :)

800's just plain old hurt me. I turn my iPod up loud (AC/DC today) so I don't have to hear my gasping and try not to look at the clock until I know it is almost time to recover.

Man, after the workout I headed for the locker room and actually SAT DOWN ON THE BENCH. I don't think I've ever sat on the bench before. I was exhausted.

I am now looking forward to my tempo workout on Thursday. That one doesn't have me wishing for the end like the 800's. Of course, when the workout is done there is great satisfaction in knowing I completed the workout just as planned. And that I'm one step closer to the grand goal : Grand Slam '07.


Sheila said...

Great job persevering through a tough day of workouts. I am amazed you could lift legs and THEN DO 800's! I don't run nearly as much as you, and I find I need to avoid leg workouts on days when I run. I can still DO the run workout, but then I am typically toast the next day.

Mmmm.....DOMS. The reward for good work!

Cliff said...

If there is a leg workout, I would bail on the run. Like Shila said, good job. Your legs must be strong.

jessie_tri_mn said...

awesome job on those yassos!
With DOMS? Woo Hoo,

And also... 230 miles YTD? Wow. Impressive month!