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Thursday, January 05, 2006


I didn't sleep through my workout this morning. Topaz was clicking his toenails all over the wood floor below me, wanting to go outside at 345 AM. I let him out, waited for him to get his frolic in and went back to bed, but couldn't get back to sleep. Steve's alarm went on and I figured I might as well get up before my 430 wake up call.

Today's workout was on the treadmill at home: 5 x 10 minutes @ HR of 166-171. I began with a 5 minute warmup. My first two 10 minute sessions were at 7.3 mph for a 171 HR. By session 3 and 4 my HR of 171 took on a 7.1 mph pace and the final 10 minutes only took a 6.8 mph pace. I was exhausted. Last summer I was doing speed work at 7.3 mph; now it a tempo pace. My speed work is now an 8 mph pace per my run coach.

I'm a slow plodder, the only way I will get faster and beat those cut off's is to work hard during my workouts. As I thought I was going to cough up a lung I reminded myself of my goals and the fact that THIS is why I hired a coach. To get me out of my comfort zone and get me moving more quickly.

Coach has trimmed me of my 'junk' miles. Each workout is planned and key. The Topaz runs on the trail after work are just extra and for fun. Today will be a 3 mile snowshoe run with him.

Yesteday I lifted chest, bicep and tricep: 65 minutes and 5 miles with Run Club. The gym was FULL. I can't wait until all these people leave and only the regulars are left. I imagine by February 1.


jessie_tri_mn said...

Argh. It's both encouraging and annoying to see the new years resolutioners pack the gyms after the new year. I hope for their sake that it's a sustainable change in their lives. I hope for the sake of the regulars that the crowds thin.

I absolutely adore Tempo runs. You've got a great start on speedwork this year!

Susan said...

Yes, I noticed the same thing about the gyms . . . they are crazy right now. It won't last long.