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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I love Valentine Day. It encompasses all of my favorite things: Pink and Red; Godiva Chocolate, Gold Gifts and Cards. I love it all. I love to give it and to receive it.

Troy had already eaten 8 Godiva Truffles before I left for work this morning. His oatmeal cereal was still sitting on the table-untouched. On Valentine Day I allow the boys to eat whatever they like. No, we don't usually have Godiva for breakfast, but, well, you know...Tyler hadn't consumed quite as much as Troy. He had the Govida Milk Chocolate assortment and had ONLY consumed 3 pieces.

Steve left the house at 4 AM; before my 430 wake up call so he didn't get his Godiva yet. Isn't Godiva the best!!

I received a very beautiful gold link chain with big huge heart pendant. Yum Yum.

Plus our king sized Select Comfort Sleep Number bed will be delivered and set up today. I should be receiving a call at any time to meet the installers at home.

Today: that wonky workout. Woofie increased my speed to 30 seconds at 8.8 mph; then 30 seconds at 4.8 mph. I completed 35 minutes after a mile warmup and then 2 miles cool down. Still not my favorite.

I've decided that Wednesday and Friday mornings will be my swim days. I bought a new suit, goggles and cap. All set to hit the pool tomorrow AM before work.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!!


William said...

Good luck with the swimming Julie and happy Valentines day.

No chocolate for me. You got me thinking, maybe I'll stop at the bakery and get my wife and I something sweet.

You are a bad influence. No more chocolate posts!

E-Speed said...

Happy V-Day!

jessie_tri_mn said...

Happy Valentines Day!

Mmm. There will be Godiva waiting at home tonight.

For Breakfast? You're spoiling them :)

Spence said...

Great that you're taking the plunge and getting into the swimming. Do I hear Ironman voices calling? You've certainly got the run leg covered!!

Susan said...

Is there anything better than Godiva for breakfast! Yum.

Cliff said...

Godiva...breakfast of champions? :)