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Saturday, February 18, 2006


Sheesh. This morning I crawled out of my warm comfy bed to Topaz wagging his tail and giving me the 'let's go for a run' look. He knows when it is Saturday, as I've slept in, I'm not off quickly to the shower..he knows it is a run morning with him.

I looked at the temperature outside. Oh man..-13F and the tree branches are doing a dance in the wind. Great.

The computer tells me it is -36F wind chill in Big Lake. Oh well, we'll head to the trail and at least be protected by the woods from the wind.

My hands were freezing the first 2 miles. I had on three layers over my hands! My Asics gloves-thin, my Smartwool Mittens-thick, then my Sugoi wind mittens over the top-thin. I couldn't believe how COLD my hands were. I pulled my wind jacket sleeves over the ball of fabric on my hands and then shoved the whole mess into my jacket pockets. I was thinking of turning back, but knew I couldn't be suffering from frost bite. Now with the huge appendiges of fabric on my hands.

2 miles later and my hands were warm. It was difficult running without arms though!

I and Topaz ran 10 on the trail-he was fine, no 'paw hopping' or anything. Just another day in the park for Topaz. I was tired of running with a snot frozen gaitor around my face and ice chunks on my eyelashes.

Back home, layers off, shorts on..the treadmill for 10 more miles. Not a bad way to start the day. Now both I and Topaz are happy.


We haven't visited the new Cabella's in Rogers. It's only 20 minutes from home but the store is always so packed when we have driven by we just haven't checked it out. Well, today we are on our way.

They must have some running apparel there, wouldn't they?? Steve's Dad gave us a $500 gift certificate for Christmas to Cabella's. We must shop.


William said...

Sounds like a cold run. It's gotten cold up here too but not that cold (maybe over here, not up here)

I have almost forgotten how to dress for the cold.

Topaz sure does have a dogs paradise.

jessie_tri_mn said...

I commend you for getting outside. Wow, three layers on the hands and still cold! I bet that treadmill run was a welcome warmth...

have a great weekend :)

Good luck with your next pool session too. I think it sounds like you are making some improvements!

RTG said...

I applaud your efforts in these conditions. You and Topaz are truly diehards.

Now quit doing that already. You're making the rest of us Minnesotans look bad.