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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Topaz the Turbo Dog

With the additional 2" of snow received over the last few days I noticed that the roads were icy and snow covered yesterday. The trail that I like to snowshoe on is closed for cross country skiiers and with the new powder, I knew they would be hogging the trail.

That left the land near my home that the developer has allowed me to snowshoe upon this winter. It has gently rolling hills, mostly open field with oak and pine surrounding the fields which makes for a great wind block.

At 7 AM I strapped on the snowshoes and noticed that one of my lower claw thingies is missing. I must have lost in at the snowshoe marathon a few weeks ago. People were asking others if they had lost a crampon or campon or whatever the heck they are called, I call them claw thingies, but I never looked to see if it was I who lost one, I guess it was. That could account for the hard time I had getting up the hills and for the way I was sliding down hill at the marathon. Oh well.

I and Topaz headed out over the field, up the hills, down the hills, through the woods, through the fields. Oh my gosh, that dog! He was wide open, running fully extended, his front and back legs evenly extended with his back. He was crazy, like he couldn't get enough. He would run out in front of me, 1/2 mile out, then come back as fast as he could fly..and he was flying..back to me. He would lay in the snow until I caught back up, then off he'd go again. He was fully enjoying himself, as was I.

It's amazing to me how the running and herding is bred into the Border Collie. It is what they love to do and what they do so well. He is the perfect dog for me, the perfect training partner.

Coming up on three hours I decided I'd follow his tracks. What a riot. He was zig-zagging all over the fields, criss-crossing back and forth. We had a great time.

When I yelled "OK, all done Tope" he trotted back to the car and waited for me.

What a great day in the snow.


William said...

Sounds exciting out there Julie. So what will you do about the crampon? Buy new snow shoes or can you replace the crampon.

Cliff said...

You have one crazy training partner :)