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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Week In Review

It is Sunday again already. Man, the weeks fly by. On Monday morning I never wish for Friday, for it arrives too soon.

Well, let's see..what did I do workout wise this week?

Running: I ran a total of 54 miles.
Resistance Training: Trained for 3.1 hours
Swimming: Whopping two sessions for a TOTAL of 54 minutes. Kind of sad, hu?

Monday I lifted legs for 60 minutes. Hit a PB on the laying hamstring curl of 85 pounds. They are getting stronger. Swam for 25 minutes

Tuesday I ran the 30:30 workout, 30 seconds at 8.8 mph, 30 seconds at 4.8 mph, I held that up for 30 minutes and ran a 1 mile warm up, 2 mile cool down.

Wednesday I ran 3 in the neighborhood with Topaz and 5 with run club. Next week I begin running 10 at run club. McNaughton is only 8 weeks out and my highest mileage weeks are HERE!

Thursday was running the tempo run on the treadmill for 8.12 miles. I love that workout. Also lifted back/worked core.

Friday I ran 4 HIIT miles in the AM and headed to the gym in the PM. Lifted chest/tricep/bicep for 65 minutes and swam for 30 minutes.

Saturday I ran 10 miles on the slippery, icy, freezing trail for 10 miles with Topaz the happy pooch. Then came home and ran 10 miles on the treadmill.

Sunday I ran (no..really?) 10 more miles on the trail with happy pooch and the run was much more pleasant for me as it was 4F and hardly no wind.

And I lost two pounds this week.

As I mentioned, McNaughton is only 8 weeks out. This means my biggest mileage weeks are upon me. I'll be running 60, 70 and 80 mile weeks. I've never hit a 90. Just might try that, to see if I can.

Next week I will run a 50K at the Minneapolis Lakes. For those of you who read this and run the lakes, come on out! I'll be leaving the Lake Harriet Bandshell at 8 AM and will be running until..well, 2. Come for a mile or all 32.

2 weeks later I'll be at the Minneapolis Lakes again, this time for a 50 mile training run. The trails are just to icy and dicy for that mileage. I'll have to go into the city.

Tomorrow is President's Day and I have a day off. Today is my 2nd Saturday and that rocks. Tomorrow I'll be able to get in many good workouts :)


nancytoby said...

Jeez, I wish I could find a way to "love" 8+ miles on the treadmill!! You rock!

Sheila said...

Awesome training week, Julie! You are more than ready for "just" a 50K, and your preparation looks spot on for you subsequent races.

3.1 hours of strength--wow, that's great. I remember way back when I would pound out 4 hours of strength per week, and that was with minimal cardio. You are one strong athlete!

Don't worry about your swimming--it will come along, I'm sure.

Rock on, girl!

William said...

You are a running machine. I wish I could run like that, but alas injury and bad biomechanics curse me.

Good luck on the 50K.