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Monday, February 27, 2006

Week In Review

Here it is already Monday morning..again. The weeks just fly by too quickly! Thankfully, I had the time to get in all of my workouts.

Strength training took a backseat with my increase in running.

Monday was a 5 mile run and 60 minutes of legs.
Tuesday was the 30:30 workout that no longer sucks. 30 seconds at 8.8 mph; 30 seconds at 4.8 mph for 30 minutes and a 1 mile warm up with a 1 mile cool down
Wednesday was Run Club 5 miles
Thursday was my tempo run (8 miles) +3 miles with Topaz on the trail
Friday was 3 on the treadmill in the AM + 5 in the PM with Topaz again
Saturday was the 50K around the Minneapolis Lakes in 6:00
Sunday was 10 miles on the trail with Topaz with back/chest for 60 minutes.

No swimming was done, no tris or bis.

Total Miles: 72 OOOHHH YEAHHHH!
Strength Training: 2 hours

Today I'm feeling good and strong. 72 miles is a high week for me. I'll run about 60 this week and hit 80+ the following where I have a 50 mile training run scheduled.

I ran 72 miles and I stayed the same on the scale. Better than gaining :)


Flatman said...

Nice MILEAGE...72 rocks!

Iron Benny said...

Wow, you are amazing. I couldn't help but notice that you listed the Wasatch 100 on your big four race list. I live in Utah and from what I hear, that is a hell of a race. I admire you for striving to excel at that level. And by the way, congrats on meeting your weight loss goals. Being healthy is the most important thing. But, if running 100 miles at once is what gets you there, so be it. Train on!