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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Another Fab Training Run

Ach! My home computer is on the fritz. I've been invaded by spyware. The computer is clogged with over 1500 pieces of it; the techs need to make a second trip over to the house to set it straight. In the meantime I'm using the work computer. What a headache.

My training run yesterday went absolutley perfect. PERFECT. I've been having a number of perfect training runs; I hope the shit doesn't decide to hit the fan on race day.

At 6 AM I left the house in a thunderstorm. Way bummer. I traveled to Minneapolis and the rain lightened up. Pretty soon it stopped!

Yesterday was supposed to be real wet. 50% chance of early thunderstorms, 60% chance of afternoon rain. It stopped raining at 7 AM! Start time! I never felt a rain drop.

I tried out a few new items from Hammergel. I tried out the Hammergel Espresso gel and the Sustained Energy. I had Hammer Heed as well. Sustained Energy is a hefty carb/protein drink. 353 calories in 24 oz if mixed per package instructions with no flavor. It worked beautifully. I ate one sandwich at hours 3-4; otherwise only consumed the gel, SE and HH. I had no upset stomach, wasn't starving (I had two more sandwiches in the car), it worked well.

Marie and Maria joined me for the first part of the run. Marie was in for 10 miles and Maria was in for 20. It was great having the conversation, it made the first 4 hours really move along.

After Maria left I refilled my bottles, had another Eduralyte and grabbed my iPod. I just continued on, running, running, running; around and around and around. I had a blast. I saw many running groups, dogs, single runners; I loved it.

I ran 50 miles in 9:20. That rocks!

What really rocks..I have NO blisters, NO pain, NO aches today. Nothing. I took Topaz out for 3 hours today on the trail. It was beautiful! 41 degrees; the ice is melting, there is more grass on the trail and snow now.

Ms. Eagle is nesting. I saw her at the trail today. She has a two ton nest and was adding branches to it. She is so fascinating to watch. A true sign of spring!

I'm on a high.


jessie_tri_mn said...

I'm not worthy!
*bows before your feet*

Way to go Julie :)

Shelley said...

That's amazing, I can't run 3 miles without being in pain..good for you!!!

Brett said...

Wow, that's awesome. Congrats on a great run! I'm sure you are right on track for your race. I really like your blog. You rock!

Sheila said...

Congratulations on your run! 9:20? You are faster than me at FIFTY then I am at a marathon! You clearly have the mojo for ultrarunning. Plus, it's easy to tell that you absolutely LOVE the training.

Keep up the great work, you are so on target for all your goals.

marathonP said...

Way to go coach, you so rock. I can't fathom how you can run 9+ hours (an awesome time by the way, you are sooooo much faster than I am...I'll go back and read your speed training steps, they obviously work), and then go for 3 hours the next day. But, like you, I'll just keep training, and experience the magic. You are a stud!!!

Thanks for the detail on what you eat and drink during the run, very helpful. I have the LA Marathon this week...just a little training run on my way to the Catalina 50.


Cliff said...

My jaw already dropped when you wrote "first 4 hours really move along"

Congrats on a good run..and no aches and pains afterwards ;0.

U know when there is spyware on the computer, it is generally due to going on naughty websites :D