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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fogged In

After I awoke this morning and looked out the window, I assumed I was having another nightmare about flying. I hate flying. I thought I was probably dreaming I was again in the airplane, freaking out, heading into clouds, on my way to Jamaica.

Not so.

I couldn't see a thing out my bedroom window. It looked as if our home had been placed inside a marshmallow; all white and thick.

It was too early for the newscasts to show if Big Lake had a late start or cancelation, so I just prepared for the work day per usual. Before I awoke the boys, however, the notice was there: 2 hour late start for Big Lake. Awesome!

I cleaned house, finished up laundry and checked the news before I went to wake the boys: Big Lake Cancelled. Woohoo! No school.

We received a little gift from Mother Nature! A Fog Day.

I and Topaz headed for the trail. I could not see a thing the way over there; just drove slowly and made sure my lights were on.

The trail is in awesome condition. The snow and ice is all gone, I was running on lovely grass and dirt. It is not even muddy, which is very strange.

10 miles later, the sun had burned off the fog..it's going to be an awesome day :)


Brett said...

That's pretty cool. Never heard of a fog day before ... We get an inch of snow here though, and the whole city shuts down. :)

Susan said...

Very cool - I've never heard of a fog day!

Lora said...

When my son was 3 yrs old (he's now 21) he saw fog for the first time--we opened the door,he looked out and said, "Wha happened out here?" Your blog reminded me of that. Thanks for the memory!! :)

marathonP said...

Hi Julie,

I'm off for a 30 mile training run in the rain. I'll bundle up, and hopefully it'll clear later on, and I can dump my layers.

I hide my food along the course, powerbars, gels, etc with my water. But I had a strange thought after reading Karnazes, and I have a little pizza and a burrito stashed!! :) Gotta keep it interesting.