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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Spring Has Sprung

This morning the alarm went on at 400; time for an early morning swim. The gym doesn't open until 5 so I have to get over there and sit in the parking lot until the doors are unlocked. I am always early, I am always waiting. Story of my life.

Into the pool. Ah, the goggles make the BIGGEST difference! I'm not all over the lane, I can see what I am doing. Anything to make this a bit easier.

I was able to swim 3x25 freestyle, 1x25 breast, repeat 10 times. I need that breast stroke recovery lap in there. I am totally out of air by the end of each 3x25. Totally out of air.

The indoor triathlon I was planning on trying is in May and I need to swim 600 yards. I just don't see that happening. My running mileage is getting big with 2 a day training runs and that doesn't leave much time to learn to swim. We'll see how it pans out but I can see me running through my swim training time.

It I am not accepted into Western States in '07 the plans for the Grand Slam go to '08 as I'd be accepted on the 'two loser plan'. If a person isn't drawn in the Western States lottery for two consecutive years the person automatically receives entry into the third. So, if not accepted into WS in '07 I can always set the Madison Ironman for my goal. That's an option. Then I'd be sure to get into the pool! Ha, I haven't even completed a mini tri and I'm thinking Ironman. I don't think little. I don't set small goals. It's all or nothing.

I'm obsessive/compulsive.

Tonight is run club. I'm going to go an hour early and get in 5 miles before the other runners show up, for a total of 10 miles. It is 42 degrees out there! I can't wait to get out and run. Can. Not. Wait.

McNaughton is 7 weeks out. Mileage is growing.


jessie_tri_mn said...

As a ultra runner, I don't think you could possibly be satisfied with a sprint tri ;)

I do imagine it's getting difficult to juggle those increasing road miles and attempting this whole swimming thing. However, I have found swimming to be the BEST cross training and I credit it with helping me become a stronger runner.

Besides, it is much easier with goggles, no?

Jessi said...

Hi Julie,
I was checking out your food diary - seems like we have similar eating patterns. Are you still trying to lose weight? From your blog (and pics!) it was my impression that you had reached goal? Just curious.

Cliff said...

maybe u can run across the water? :)...

Don't worry too mucha bout the water. I had that problem too. If u have to breast stroke...breast away :)..that's what i did for my first tri.

You might lose some speed (i didn't..i swam 750 m in 17 min). You know once u are back on land you will back in business.