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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"A" Races

When I was looking over my calendar this past January and planning my races along with baseball tournaments, pool tournaments, family reunions, etc. for the year I planned out three "A" races. Three races that I would plan for, train for, taper for and run my hardest for. Those three races are 1) McNaughton 100 2) FANS 24 Hour and 3) Superior 100. Along the way I had hoped I would be able to run Leadville as well, which is three weeks prior to Superior, but it isn't looking like I'll be able to go out to CO at that time. I am usually off of work from June 30 to August 30 but this year may be off from June 15 to August 15 instead. That kind of kills Leadville as I have already planned out my vacation time and it doesn't look like I will be able to have time off without pay.

So now that McNaughton is past, I am looking into the future at FANS. I have a bit of history with FANS. I ran the 12 hour a few years ago, running my longest run at the time of 60 miles..the following year I tried the 24 hour and ran 88 with a goal of 75. The following year I ran 89 with a goal of 100 and last year I was having no fun (not enough food) and quit, YES QUIT, at 12 hours for 52 stupid miles. I sucked. I was a wimp. I will not do that again. I'll have lots of friends out there and will just run and get it done.

This year will be different. I'm focused, a bit more stubborn, have learned a few more things about myself and am ready to get the 100 miles in 24 hours.

Next week I'll begin running 800s at the track, will get a few long road miles in and probably a night run at Lake Nokomis. I'll be ready to roll.

As FANS comes and goes I'll begin to focus on Superior 100. That one holds the fear factor for me, the trail is uber tough, but running the 50K at Superior on May 20 will help. I've run a number of 50K and 50 Mile runs up there, I'll run the trail on Friday when I first get up there and on Sunday before I come back home. I'll familiarize myself with the parts of the trail that I am unfamiliar with. I'll plan a few weekend trips up there over the summer to get it all figured out. Maybe I can drag along a few others.

Bonnie has been up there the past two weekends marking the 100 mile trail. She has been hearing moose and saw lots of bear tracks. She ran the 100 in 2004. Yikes.

My other races are either for fun or to help me obtain the goals I have set for the A races.

Today I'm running 5 miles with the run club; I haven't seen them since before I ran McNaughton. It'll be lots of fun :) I and the boys will bike afterwards. A good day.


ollie said...

Maybe I'll see you at FANS; I sent in my application yesterday.

But this isn't an "A" race for me; my goal will be to practice my eating strategies and to work on my nausea problems.

Oh yes, I want to have some fun too. :-) I am not sure as to how many miles I'll get.

jessie_tri_mn said...

52 miles, no matter how much you think you sucked that day, are never "stupid" :) But I know how you feel.

Yikes, a moose on the trail. They can run really fast! They're majestic creatures but I get so freaked out when I see them when out back packing.

Have fun running in Afton this weekend! Hope the rain lightens up for a little while. It's my favorite park for a day hike. I head out there once a month or so. Now when I see trail runners, I think of you :). Last week I saw a guy in an Edmund Fitz shirt...He was moving very quickly for an ultra runner! (I'd say sub 7 min mi)