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Monday, April 03, 2006


I awoke Sunday morning to a thunderstorm. A raging thunderstorm; thunder, lightening and pouring rain. I stretched my legs, did ankle circles under the covers; nothing hurt from yesterday's hills.

I really didn't have to go out in that cold rain. I should taper shortly. I ran 8 hours yesterday; I have nothing to gain by going out in the cold rain for a few hours.

But can I even imagine not beginning a Sunday morning without a run? What would I do while everyone slept? Clean house, do laundry? Great fun.

Well, just take the morning off. Be a normal person.

After I decided I wasn't going to go out in the rain I did do some laundry and I did write a grocery list. I pulled out some clean clothes and headed for the shower.

Topaz nosed his way into the bathroom. As I began to run the shower water he showed me his sad eyes and his chin almost drooping to the floor. He wanted to run. He didn't get to run on Saturday since I was out frolicking with my friends.

Oh Pup!

I softly said "Ok, Tope, let's go for a run" Oh the joy! For both of us. I was happy, I knew how I was going to begin my day, and Topaz was beyond thrilled.

Into my running clothes, out to the car..brrr..cold and wet and driving rain. Oh well. It could rain all day at McNaughton.

Not a soul was on the trail. I and Topaz ran for 3 hours in the cold driving rain. I had a cap on, yes, I became soaked through, but still..a great start to the day. One that I am accustomed to.


William said...

Good dog!

It must have been muddy out there.

Lora said...

You've got the best running buddy around! Hope he got extra treats that day!!

Sheila said...

You ran frickin' 8 hours???? What is wrong with you, woman??? Oh, yeah, I know. Holy crap, though, you run as much as I train in a whole week. I channeled you last week during my 7-day running streak. But good Lord, 8 hours??? I may start calling you Dean or Anne or Pam.

Anonymous said...

Saw this post on McNaughton and thought of you.

Susan said...

What a good dog!