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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tapering... :<

I used to enjoy tapering when I first began training for, and running, marathons. I enjoyed cutting back the mileage and thinking about the big day ahead. I felt I really deserved the decrease in mileage and savored the break.

Not anymore. I hate tapering. It's boring and it makes me feel lazy. I want to do speed work and tempo runs and lift. I'm not. No speed work, no tempo, no lifting. Just a few 3-5 mile runs on the trail.

Instead of run club tonight I opted for a quiet run with Topaz. I was all 'people-ed" out. I had enough stimulation from the human race at school today. I just wanted woods, water and quiet.

My run tonight was all about that. I saw a few deer, a few raccoons, the bluebirds are back, the water is open..and I wore shorts. The first shorts run of the season.

It's 61 degrees outside and all is well. Even if I am tapering..


Brett said...

Good luck with your taper, and enjoy the weather!

Scott Dunlap said...

Agreed. Tapering is no fun!

Best of luck at the McN 100, and I hope you repeat! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

cheers, SD