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Saturday, April 22, 2006

A View From The Sidelines

Today was the Trail Mix 25K/50K, in Bloomington MN. This was my first offical 50K. I ran in in April of 2002. I loved it and ran it in 03 and 04 but when I ran McNaughton last year and this, I opted to view Trail Mix from the sidelines. Well, not really 'opted', I couldn't have run if I wanted, to be honest. I haven't even wore socks since last Sunday for fear they will rip my dangling toenails off. I'm just going to have to pull them out of the cuticle.

Scott, who paced me last week, ran the 50K today. He's running Massanutten 100 in a few weeks and is ramping up for it. He'll finish in fine form.

I, John and Alicia sat in chairs near the start/finish cheering on our friends. The 50K is four loops; I was there for the last 2 loops of the 50K. There were so many friends out running today! The Minnesota winter is gone and this is the first ultra on the calendar. It was a great day for a race.

Two of my Big Lake Run Club friends, Curt and Dave ran the race today. This was Dave's first trail run and Curt's second. They were all smiles at the finish. I told Dave I might actually beat him at run club Wednesday night. We'll see.

I must say that I felt a bit envious of the runners. Sitting on the sidelines, just like a non-runner; all cleaned up is not that much fun. I felt like I wanted to get out there and run.

Congratulations to all of the Trail Mix runners!

Topaz is going crazy. He needs a good run; running circles around the trampoline and following me on my bike is just not enough for him. He needs his fix. So do I. Tomorrow we'll go for my first post race run. The swelling in my feet is down, my blisters are healing and I'm anxious to get out there.

I need to train running down hills. I'm not confident enough to bomb down the hills, I take these silly mincy steps down, it does me no good. Next Sunday I'm going to head to Afton to do some down hill running.

So, this is what I'm thinking about...a few weeks ago when I was having fun at Zumbro, Pierre and John were talking about me running Arrowhead 135. I was only thinking, barely, thinking about running it, and only because Scott had tried it and mentioned that I should. Well, with Pierre and John talking about it with me, and Pierre saying he'd get a sled ready for me, and John saying he had a sleeping bag I could borrow, and that I should give it a try, well, hell, before I knew it I was really thinking about it. And I let them know. I have been thinking HARD about it ever since.

Today Pierre and John were talking about it again, and yeah, I said I'd run it. Ahha. Run the freaking Arrowhead 135. In February. Shit. I don't even like the winter. The longest I run in the winter is the Northwoods Snowshoe Marathon in under 6 hours. I will have to pull a sled for the whole race. It took John 53 hours. YEAH, 53 hours. And he's a fast tough guy. I'm not. I'm a slow girly girl.

I've never even done any winter camping. I know nothing about it. I guess there is only one way to find out...

I will. I'll learn, I'll train and with a little help from my friends; I'll do it.

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