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Sunday, May 14, 2006

FANS Training: All wrapped up

Last night as I was laying in bed, thinking about today's training run, I changed my mind. I was going to run 20 on the asphalt hilly route of Monticello, then realized this was my last training weekend for FANS. My race would probably be better served by heading over to Lake Nokomis and running 30 miles on already tired legs. That meant two hours of driving time, waking up earlier, packing a cooler, blah blah blah. I was wishing that I had put out a post to the MN DRS list to see if anyone would be up to running with me..but it was too late. I wasn't getting back out of bed.

This morning at 330 AM I was packing food, drink, clothing and heading out for Lake Nokomis. I was pleasantly surprised; there were other FANS runners out there training as well. I was a bit concerned about running in the dark by myself. I wasn't totally alone the whole 4:45/30 miles but it wasn't as popular as the Lake Calhoun/Isles/Harriet route is. I like that route better than Nokomis.

The training run was fine; I had my iPod, sandwiches, Hammer Heed, Hammer Gel. I felt no aches or pains, no Advil was needed. There was a steady rain/drizzle but it was 50F so I didn't become cold.

I am as ready as I can be for FANS. The race is in 3 weeks so there really isn't much more that I can do. I've been training on asphalt, doing repeats, I'm lighter, I'm stronger. I want 100 miles and I'm going to be stubborn and strong enough mentally to get it done. FANS is tough for me. It's easy to climb into my car and call it a day. Damn, that's what I did last year. I can not do that again. I won't do that again. I'll hang in there until the finish, proving that I am strong enough mentally to finish the damn race. I need this finish to prove to myself that I am strong enough mentally to finish Superior 100 and The Arrowhead 135 Winter Ultramarathon. Each goal builds on another.

Next Saturday is the Superior 50K. I and Troy are going to go up to Lutsen on Friday morning. We are meeting my Mom and Dad in Duluth and they will follow us up. I am going to run a few sections of the 100 mile route that I will be running in September on Friday and Sunday. On Sunday I'll look at some of the areas that I will be running in the dark.

Oh my gosh, the game was fantastic last night. Yeah, 8-4; TWINS. Think they can pull another one out tonight?


nancytoby said...

ON to FANS! Best wishes for the full 100, as pain-free as possible!

Kim said...

Your training, and your sticking-to-it-ness is incredible and very inspiring for me. I'm getting ready to begin training for my first 50 mile race this fall.

Anonymous said...

You're training has been amazing! You have worked so hard and ramped so much while staying healthy! I'm still injured and haven't been able to run for weeks, so I've been living vicariously a bit by reading your posts. It has been encouraging. Good luck at FANS. Take every thought captive to make sure negativity isn't creeping in, and you'll keep going for sure. I KNOW you are going to get that 100 miles! Brent