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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Heat Wave

Finally! Summer is here, her sultry self. It is 95 today; it isn't very humid and there is a strong stiff wind. It's beautiful. I love 90's. Mid winter I wonder to myself why in the hell do I live in MN; but then I remember. There are only a few days out of the winter that are tortuous. Hopefully they don't all in the first week of February next year...when I'll be running Arrowhead 135 Mile Ultramarathon.

Steve and Troy went up to the lake for the weekend; I wanted a weekend at home. I've been gone the past two, will be gone next weekend so just stayed put. Once I told Tyler I was staying home, well, he decided to stay home as well.

I sent Topaz up to the cabin too. He loves it up there. He can swim and run all day long. I ran by myself at the trail yesterday and found it was quite sad. I didn't realize how much I enjoy running with Topaz. Yeah, I love running with that dog.

Today I headed out to Afton State Park to hook up with Alicia and John. It was wonderful! There were no bugs, a nice breeze and fun all around. After running for 2 hours we visited while eating watermelon and other good things. I and Alicia left for home and I believe the others were going to take a dip into the St. Croix River. A great way to spend the day!

I may like the heat, but I hope it isn't this warm during FANS.

Matt and Phil, on the blisters..I used the 'foot potion' during the Superior 50K last Saturday and didn't have one blister AT ALL. I usually have half a dozen. I have tried taping, injinji socks, blister shield, 101 others things and usually always get blisters after 4 hours.

I'll have some potion packed up for FANS. I don't think a person can run a 24 hour on pavement without a blister. We'll see.

The foot potion:

4 oz vaseline
4 oz vitamin A
4 oz vitamin E
4 oz aloe vera gel
4 oz desitin
4 oz A&D ointment

mix up and smooth on. Beth Simpson swears by it. It makes for goopy feet, but, oh well...


matt said...

i need to start putting in some serious runs in heat like that. this is my first real summer training experience. i guess i will find out soon enough what i am made of.

thanks so much for the potion. i will definitely mix some of that up and try it out this week. i have my first trail marathon on saturday and look forward to trying this out. thanks so much, julie!

matt said...

sorry, one follow-up on the potion. what kind of form do you get the vitamin A and E in? and where do you usually buy that? health food store? it helps to have a son still in diapers...i can raid his changing table for the desitin and a&d :)

Julie B said...

Hi Matt, yeah, the heat acclimation takes a while. Each afternoon I've been running 5 miles with Topaz on the trail. I'm starting to get used to it. Looks like FANS will be 78 and sunny; not too bad.

The vitamin A and E I buy at Walgreens in a cream. It comes in a little plastic pot.

Good luck.

marathonP said...

Thanks for the potion Julie; I'll give it a try. Matt, I got the Elasticon (or any "sticks to itself, not your skin") tape idea from Julie. I wrap my hot spots, where I routinely get blisters. Works pretty well, but lately with the marathon+ distances, I get some blisters right through the tape.

Thanks for the help you guys. I'm pulling for you all the way! Good luck getting ready for fans in all the heat.

My only tip: when its hot I run with a clean, dry washcloth tucked in my pants in the back. Being able to wipe the sweat from your eyes at mile 20: priceless.

:) phil

Anonymous said...

i moved away from twin cities 3 years ago- the summers are glorious! it really is a great place to live.

jeanne said...

Matt sent me, I'm going to try your potion although I have to admit it sounds gloppy and slippy-slidey, but I am DESPERATE!!! :)

Ellie said...

New visitor here, who likes the sound of running with NO blisters. I'm going to print out your recipe!

On to read some more of your blog.

runr53 said...

Ellie sent me! When you get that kind of goop going do your feet slide around and slip forward in your shoes?