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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Home Run!

This morning I hit the gym at 5AM as planned. I lifted back/shoulders for 50 minutes. I was toasted afterwards.

This evening after bringing Troy to his baseball field for practice and Tyler to his baseball field for practice I headed for the track..right in the middle of the baseball fields. I grabbed some water, my iPod, watch and set out to warm up. It was cold and windy; 47F. Warmed up 1 mile then kicked off 5 800's. 1@3:41; 2@3:38; 3@ 3:35; 4@ 3:31 and 5@ 3:33 with a 2 minute recovery inbetween. Finished with a 2 mile cool down. #3 was getting tough until Guns and Roses Rocket Queen began to rock and then it was Ozzie Osbourne Flying High Again..well..the body just begins to move fast, you know?

I haven't lost any speed over the winter. Last fall I was up to 12 800's at 3:35. This summer I'll work up to 12 again but they'll be faster.

After cooling down I walk over to the field to watch Tyler's team scrimmage against another. He's up to bat and hits a HOME RUN! Wow. I'm cheering like a crazy woman- runs over the plate with a big smile on his face and says "Fast like you, Mom". Yeah.

Off to Troy's practice and he's up to bat..and gets hit on the elbow with a crazy kid pitch..and is walked.

Ah well..he had a good time!


Cliff said...

It sounded like you have a good time too :)

Sheila said...

You are on a roll, but it's not a big surprise! You work incredibly hard, and you are so inspirational! Keep that mojo working!

marathonP said...


Too cool. What a feeling it is when you're kids are proud of you, isn't it? My daughter just turned 16, and she's a star on the high school track team and volleyball team. And she was talking on her cell phone to a boy last night, and said: "My Dad is putting out his water for his training run tomorrow morning; he does marathons. He's really dedicated and he's ripped!! I'm proud of him." I train for all my own reasons, but I'll tell yah, what a feeling.

:) phil