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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I Rocked and then I was Rolled

This morning Tyler and Troy asked if they could go to the batting cages tonight. I told them I could drop them off at 545; then attend run club at 6. Steve could catch up with them at the batting cages after he gets off work, around 7. Well, this meant that instead of having to be home at 7 I didn't have to be home until later. Woohoo. More running time for Julie.

I decided I'd get in a longer FANS training run..asphalt and cement for 15 miles.

After dropping the boys off I headed for the school. My plan was to run the first 5 HARD. HARD as I could go, then tempo run 6-10 and recover 11-15. I did, I lined up with the power runners. Mile 1: 7;30. I told George I couldn't talk, I could only run and breathe hard. He was OK with that. Mile 2: 7:35; still couldn't talk. Mile 3: 7:36 NEVER had I run three miles this fast. NEVER. Mile 4: Side ache comming on; pressing my hand into it very deeply-had to stop, bend down, work the pain out and jab my hand into my side some more-lost George-7:30. Mile 5: 7:36. Wow. Never have I run the route that fast..never. I kept it pretty consistant, too. I was beaming and feeling strong.

I came in third. I've never done that either. After I drank some water, and chatted with the others a bit, Kevin told me "Julie, you've found a new gear, one that you never had before. You were 1.30 minutes ahead of me and during the last stretch you gained over 2 minutes on me. You never used to have that gear you pushed into." Gotta like that.

I grabbed my iPod and headed out for another 5, knowing this would be much slower. Mile 1: 7:30; Mile 2: 7:45, Mile 3: 7: 50, Mile 4: 7:56, Mile 5: 7:45; that is still very fast for me. I couldn't believe it. What is up with this? Training..that's it..to run faster I needed to RUN FASTER. Ahhha..it's not rocket science, is it?

Back to the car, more water, remove sunglasses and head out for final 5. Mile 1: 8:30, Mile 2: 8:15, Mile 3: 8:05, Mile 4: 8:10 and Mile 5: 7:45

Run On!


Brett said...

Very cool. I need to look into this running faster thing. :)

E-Speed said...

Nice job!

It's fun when you get to start playing with the fast guys huh? I still have a long way to go before I am 3rd to the water stop but I am having fun getting there!

jessie_tri_mn said...

Awesome run, Julie!

Are you planning any marathons this year? If so, you'll most certainly blow the 4:00 mark out of the water :)

Cliff said...


Great run. That is fast. It's a great feeling when u are running fast and pushing to new gear.

Reen said...

Well Done that's got to feel great!