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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Taking it Easy

After a high mileage week of 86 miles last week, Superior 50K this Saturday and FANS in a few weeks...I'm taking it a bit easy this week.

No 800's, no run club fasties..just me and Topaz loping our way around the trail. It's been awesome.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were 5 miles a piece, I'll run another 5 tomorrow night and run a 10 mile section of the SHT as we travel up to Lutsen on Friday. Saturday is the 50K and Sunday I'll run another 10 mile section of the SHT as we travel home from Lutsen. Sections to familiarize myself with the 100 mile run in September.

One year ago I and Ann ran this 50K together. We started out in the back of the pack and I finished in 7:09, just taking it easy. It was Ann's first run on the SHT.

This year I think I can finish in 6:30 without pushing it. If I push it, I could probably get 6 hours. I don't know if I should push with FANS right around the corner. I guess I haven't decided on a goal. It'll just be a fun run on a beautiful trail.


marathonP said...

I'm all pumped about having done a 61 mile week this last week, still 6 months before my 50 mile on Catalina Island in Jan 07, and I read about your 86 mile week. That's why I read you Julie...you make me feel sane :)


Julie B said...

Congratulations, Phil, on your 61 mile week! That is so awesome, way to run :) Yeah, it's funny. I used to think running a marathon was crazy..then the 100 milers were nuts..then the 135 milers at Arrowhead..there is always another ladder to climb and another group of people out there that will make us look moderate! Can you imagine the 6 day racers .. running 50-75 -100 miles a day for 6 days. WOW.

marathonP said...

Thanks Julie. It's so great the way the body responds...makes the heart soar doesn't it. Good luck at FANS; I know you'll do great and I look forward to hearing all about it.


jessie_tri_mn said...

Good luck this Saturday Julie!