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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Twins Win!

I couldn't believe my eyes last night as I watched the Twins take on the White Sox. Boy did they take them on! Johan! Hothothot. 10-1. Yeah, I'm excited. I am also hoping they saved something for tonight. We'll be at the game at 610. Radke is pitching. If we win again..I can't even imagine what I'll do. I'll think of something great though:)

Today I and Topaz headed out for another 20 miles on the trail. The sky was cloudy but it wasn't raining, finished up 20 in 3:15.

Our final loop was horrible. The bird watchers were having a get together of some sort on the trail. They were whispering and pointing with binoculars and telephoto lenses on their cameras. They didn't like that Topaz was rooting up the birds, herding the swans to me and making a nuisance out of himself. I was glad they didn't show up until the final loop. There were over 20 of them. Eeek.

I had to grocery shop and run fun (NOT) Target errands today. On the way I stopped by the gym for some lifting. Again, not one woman in the weight room. Man, talk about feeling like I don't belong! All men per usual. I lifted chest/bicep/tricep:

Chest: dumbbell Press: 45x7x3..had a guy spot me so I could get one 50x6x1. OOHOO!
Barbell Bench Press: 130x8x3
Incline dumbbell Press: 35x5x3

Bicep: 21's Barbell: 50x7x3; 40x5x3
Lever Pull Up: 80x8x3
dumbbell Curls: 25x8x2; 20x6x1..arms are falling off..

Tricep: Rope Lever Kick backs: 80x8x3; 60x4x3
Skull Crushers dumbbell: 20x8x4
Standing up with dumbbell over head and down to back of neck..what the hell is that called? I forget. Oh well. 25x11x3

I was fried..then went grocery shopping and could barely lift the groceries.

Now I think I will take a nap. Really.

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