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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weekend of Sunshine

This weekend was the complete opposite of last weekend. High and dry, the sun shining, simply beautiful.

Saturday morning I had planned to run 10 miles with Topaz on the trail. Well, after running 5 I knew 10 wouldn't be enough. I wanted to run more and of course Topaz was up for it. I had a jug of HEED in the car so knew I had plenty to drink and the streams and ponds were full for Topaz to drink out of and to lie in.

The wildlife was abundant. I saw 4 bald eagles, 2 pileated woodpeckers, 3 doe and 1 buck. I rarely see buck out there. We were running downhill, around a corner, I didn't even see him at first. Topaz rounded the corner before me and took off after him, then herded the damn buck back toward me. He was huge. I'm raising my hands saying NO TOPAZ, F+CK, IT'S A BUCK! As he came near me he jumped off the trail back through the bush, Topaz chasing at his heels. Eventually Topaz came back Mr. Buck was on his way, off with his doe friends.

We ended up running 20 miles, never seeing one other person the whole 3.5 hours.

Today I headed for pavement and hills. I ran the hilly route in Monticello that kicks my ass every time. 20 miles and 101 hills later I was dragging. It took me 4 hours today. Those hills! I need to run them more regularly..I know, I've said that before...

After my run I went South to pick up the kayak I won at the Northwoods Snowshoe Marathon. Shannon has been storing it for me in her barn all winter long. It's cool; it seats 2, is 13 feet long, it was free, can't beat that. I should have some fun with it.

So it was a good week of workouts:
Run: 61 miles-10 hours (tempo, 800's, hilly long and long)
Strength: Back/Shoulders + Chest/Bicep - 1.5 hours
Bike: 36 miles-2 hours

Looks like I'm fully recovered from McNaughton. All I can think about is FANS...


'Zilla said...

"F+CK IT'S A BUCK!" I'm still howling! Gah! I'm glad that worked out okay (but it makes a great story now). :) It was a good wildlife weekend. I saw 5 wild turkey and 3 deer on Friday night. And heard about a million tree frogs! I LOVE getting out on the trails!

Sheila said...

Thank you for such a great wildlife story! It sounds absolutely beautiful where you ran. To see eagles, that alone would be awesome. Pileated woodpeckers? That you know what they are (aka Woody Woodpecker) shows your love of nature. And that f+cking buck! I was beginning to wonder when I would read a story of yours including Topaz herding something that you did NOT want to be herded....at least it wasn't snakes!

You writing simply EXUDES the joy you have while running. Makes me smile every time.