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Friday, June 30, 2006

Afton Trail Runs

Tomorrow the Afton 25K/50K Trail Runs take place. www.aftontrailrun.com My friend, Scott Wagner, is the RD. He does a fantastic job putting on the race. This year he is adding a post-race BBQ; that will be so much fun. People will hang around and visit instead of changing and leaving right away. I love hanging around chatting with everyone after the race.

Eve, who I have a picture of from FANS, posted earlier, is going for the woman's course record. She ran the course in 445 as a training run and I believe the record is 444, so she will have no problem, in my opinion. She's awesome.

Last year I ran the course in 6:20, it was a PR for me. This year I should break 6. Maybe even better. We'll see. This is a good training run for Voyaguer 50 Mile. Plus I'll have the Superior 50 Mile beta test run for the 100 next weekend as a good training run for Voyaguer. I PR'd there last year at 10:45 and would love a 1030 this year.

I felt twinges of knee pain while mowing the lawn today. It took me just under 3 hours and began twinging at the end. I iced it and I'm hoping it is fine for tomorrow. Maybe it is 'phantom pain' you know, seems like right before a race I begin getting aches and pains. I don't think this knee pain is that though. I've had it on and off since the week after FANS when I ran hard at Afton for 2 hours and shouldn't have.

Today is mine and Steve's 22nd Wedding Anniversary. How the hell did that happen? I can't believe I've been married for over half of my age. Yikes.

Well, guess I should get lucky tonight... ;)

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Cliff said...

Congrats on yourf wedding anniversary.

That bbq sounds sweet. Great food after a great race is always a bonus.