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Friday, June 02, 2006

Ball Girl

The weather forecast for FANS is warm. 89 and sunny; slight chance of thunderstorms during the evening with lows in the 60s. We are running a 2.4 mile asphalt strip around a lake so I can always take a cooling swim break. A friend of mine running the race is hoping for thunderstorms, a tornado and then widespread fires. He'll probably win the race. I told him to call me a weak wussy pussy bitch if I tell him I am going to bail early.

Tonight I'll make sandwiches, pack clothing, bottles, HEED, Code Red Mountain Dew, Diet Pepsi and get to bed early.

Race start is 800 AM. I'm not going to make it to packet pick up and weigh in tonight so I'll arrive to the start early to take care of all of that business. We have to be weighed every 4 hours. If I am way under they will make me stop and drink and eat until I am back within 4% of starting weight or if I'm way over they will warn me of hyponitremia which I have battled in the past.

Yesterday I and Topaz went out for 5 miles. Oh man, the deer flies and mosquitoes are really really bad. We were running from the deer flies. Topaz had to take a few rolling breaks to get them off of his back. I have a screen to go around my head/face and a 'dog jacket' made out of screening. I'll have to pull them out for next week.

Last night both boys had baseball games in town. I dropped Troy off, Steve hooked up with him after work, I went to Tyler's game. Each time a ball came over the fence I ran for it. I was still dressed in running clothes and shoes so didn't have to worry about turning an ankle in sandals over the bumpy grassy field. A 10 year old boy was racing me for the ball a few times and I beat him. I felt like Topaz! As soon as I saw that ball come over the fence I ran as fast as I could for it. It was hilarious! I wanted that ball and I was racing the young kids. Tyler's team was cheering me on, it was a riot.

They called me the Ball Girl. Better than Ball Old Lady.


Brett said...

Have a great race! We'll be cheering for you!

Cliff said...

If the little kid get the ball before u do..u can always push him over ;)...

William said...

Good luck and enjoy your race Julie. You're going to do great.

Too bad Topaz can't race with you. He would love it.

jessie_tri_mn said...

Good luck Julie! If you stop for a swim, would they count the distance you swim in the water towards your total :)

Stay hydrated, of course, not too hydrated... That's cool they check your weight.

marathonP said...

Go Julie Go!! Go Julie Go!!! I know you won't stop.

Good luck.


marthonP said...

ps: I think your Ball Girl story is the perfect example of the great benefits of our addiction. While many addictions destroy a persons life and the lives of those around them, the running addiction is all improvement...for the runner and those around her. While the miles and miles and training fulfill the runners many different needs for challenge, focus, achievement, experiencing nature's beauty, ect...the collateral benefits of great fitness are nothing short of miraculous.

Today, you were running around chasing balls at your son's baseball game, making him proud and making him and everyone else smile. Today, I was in the pool with my 16 year old daughter and her 2 best friends (all high shool track and water polo athletes), and they said I was in better shape than most of their sports team-mates at school (I'm 45). My daughter was so proud.

For a 16 year old girl to let her Dad hang with her and her athlete friends in the pool on a summer Friday night is rare. For him to have the energy to do so is a miracle. For the daughter to be proud of her Dad's conditioning, the precious gift to the runner from running.

Running: the miraculous addiction!

Go Ball Girl. FANS is yours!

:) phil

Ellie said...

Oh, wow, I just discovered your blog, and to think I landed here the very weekend you're doing a 24-hour race.... I am so excited to hear how it went! Your race history is awesome!

I haven't done ultras, but I've run 20 marathons, #21 coming up next weekend; I've done an Ironman triathlon; I'm working on qualifying for Boston; I'm also a Capricorn; I also run with a dog. We were born to be friends!

Plus I see some of my blog friends here as well. Hi,Cliff! Hi, Jessie!

marathonP said...

Julie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just checked the FANS website to see how you are doing.

116.8 miles!!! You are ultra-awesome. Wow. I can hardly wait to hear all about it.

Congratulations on another conquest.